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Callico Club Reviews [May 2020] Is This Site Genuine?

Callico Club Reviews [May 2020] Is This Site Genuine? -> The article related to a site that is providing different products at a reasonable price, and we are here to analyse it properly.

Are you looking for a site to fulfill your requirements? Want to get more about it? Then, you are at the right place as here we will going to review a website and include all the questions that are roaming in your mind, such as whether is Callico club legit or not. 

So, get into the same and let us begin with the calico club reviews. 

What is calico.club? 

As it is mentioned on the site, this is an online shopping store that is providing various types of products at a very pocket-friendly and of premium quality.

Moreover, they are offering all items across all corners of the world, including the United State

This is all about the intro of the site and lets us delves into the Callico club reviews.  

What are the refund policies of callcio.club? 

As it is hinted on the site, it is also possible that the buyer needs to return the product anytime, and so, they have explained the refund policy in brief. 

First off, make sure that the product is an inappropriate condition, and the policy is implemented on all sorts of people from any location, including the United State. 

You will only get the refund if they receive the product within thirty days after you have received it, and it must be in proper condition.   

What types of products are available on the site? 

A broad range of items are available with the calico.club as they want to serve all demands and necessities of the buyers. We have enlisted the product range below:

  • Accessories gifts
  • Bags and small accessories
  • Clothing gifts
  • Jewelry 

What payment modes are available on calico.club? 

A variety of modes of payment is available for the site, and it is up to you how you want to pay for your products. Here, we are mentioning some of the means to proceed with the shopping order. Let us have an eye over these.

  • VISA 
  • Discover
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • American Express
  • Master card  

What are the pros of purchasing products from calico.club?

Here are some of the positive aspects of calico.club that you will enjoy when you will do shopping from online websites. Let us have a look at the below. 

  • Affordable prices of the products
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Better comparison between the prices of the products
  • A good choice of products based on color and patterns as available
  • No need to get into the crowd and take any pressure to do shopping
  • No wastage of extra time on travelling to the local market
  • Saves much money by grabbing huge discounts on various products
  • Get the products on discounted price tags 

What’s more?

Despite the range of products and services provided by the site, the site is also offering a gift certificate that is very easy to claim. To get the same, fill out some personal info of you such as name, email address, gift certificate theme, amount, and others and tap on “continue” to come closer to the gift card.  

What are the negative remarks of the callico.club?

Although the site is providing many products that are of premium quality and available at an affordable price, the site still has few shortcomings that need to be known. Further, we will discuss the negative aspects that can prevent the buyer from doing shopping from this website. 

The site has SSL certification, which is a positive sign as it is secure to make a payment over such sites. But the negative remarks are as follows:

  • No external link is available for the site, as it is essential to get popularity among potential buyers and grow sales.
  • It has no email server.

Beware. Please do not go for such scam sites as they aim to earn money only and not providing services at any cost. 

What do we conclude at the end? 

At the end of Callico club reviews, it is crystal clear that the site has some issues, but their fixation can upgrade the credibility of the website. But the products and other services is of no need if the site is not entirely trustworthy. 

Still, if you have any doubts, then make sure to share it with us, and do not forget to leave feedback below.  

0 thoughts on “Callico Club Reviews [May 2020] Is This Site Genuine?

  1. I am a older woman on a limited budget and while looking for a affordable air conditioner through Google, this company was among several others. The prices got my attention! It was in there with Walmart and Target…etc. but I can’t help but wonder how they can sell air conditioners so cheap along with free shipping! Are they for real?

        1. Please don’tBUY FROM HERE ITS A SCAM Same here didn’t receive shit man we should do class lawsuit against them

        2. Same here, I try to get two portable air conditioners and the only thing that I got was masks

      1. I ordered an air conditioner on May 3. I received tracking information that took over a month. My air conditioner turned into 3 Chinese masks for Covid.
        I am absolutely irate. I thought UPS was at fault because they stated they left package in mailbox. Lo and behold, a little black package was sitting at the bottom of my mailbox. I thought that maybe I had to pick up my air conditioner.
        Nope. Mt. Andrew gets idiot award for trusting a website to send what I ordered. I can’t find a phone number. Can someone help please. It’s hot as heck here and masks do not help with that issue.
        I rate this fiasco of a website an absolute disaster worthy of a Tsunami rating. They rain down feelings of anger, self pity, and a drizzle of low self-esteem bringing a wave of unhappiness upon innocent people.
        Am I a person anymore after falling for this scam site? If I hear from them I will be more surprised than a ninety year old with an erection. Do not use this site.

      2. I too was taken advantage of. The AD was with Sears/ K-Mart. Ordered April 5, 2020. I have saved each email between us with tracking number which does not exist. On going promises. Now I have asked that hey place the money back to the account on July 1, 2020, to no avail. Just continued excuses…..

        1. Thank you for responding here! but we only offer essential information about multiple products here with website reviews. If you have any particular product issues, go for the customer care number, and track your order for next place.

    1. They sent me face masks instead.
      If you Google their phone number they have several fake sites with the same number and scam.
      They will send u bullshit to show that there’s a tracking number. hopefully you paid with paypal.

    2. Do not purchase from this site! I was given tracking info that gave me hopes of the item I ordered actually arriving, after 32 days I received an empty envelope, I ordered a firepit. No response from them after 7 inquiries.

    3. Are you in the states? If so, would you like to try as a group (if several more would like to try) and see that as a group we might get something done. I am writing the Attorney General’s office and the FTC and see if either one could help. Do you want to see also?

      1. I would be willing to help if I can on a class action I was also scammed by them for an AC unit I’m a single disabled mom on a fixed income I’m so angry

    4. I can’t believe this I should have researched this company prior to my order They are a scam then they sent me face mask when I ordered two a/c units.. PayPal better get me my money back because that is the only reason I even trusted the order because if they don’t provide my product I get a refund.. I order in May and jist now I got a email asking me to wait for a re send tracking number and they will correct there mistake according to callico . I hope the Fbi or bbb catch these people if this is a fraudulent company. I’m totally disgusted by this. This makes me not want to ever shop online again with unknown and terrible reputation companies.it must be in China seeing as though that is were the phony package of mask came from.

    5. I also thought I was buying an air conditioner. GUESS WHAT??? I have not yet to get it. I have emailed all i could find to email…. IT IS A SCAM………………………….

      1. I ordered a ac to and after 2 months got 2 facemask today in mail. I notified my bank for refund

    6. Please do not buy from these people. We purchased an air conditioner from them in May and its not July and still haven’t gotten the product. The tracking number they gave us was out of china. I purchase items from china in the past however given the Covid-19 issues now I would not have done it this time. The tracking number is useless. the product hasn’t moved since 5-13-2020…

    1. I bought a 12,000 protable A/c unit it took 4 days to get the tracking number 4 weeks laster they sent me masks. You should have account with them and your orderit should be in the account you set up on the website site. Pay pal sent me a recepit via e mail and a e mail address. On the account you creative on the web site you should be able to e mail thought them. If pay pal won”t refund my money I”m going to call me credit card company and get it refund thought them.

  2. They they have AC units that are ductless that cost over $800 at Home Depot and there are so-called for sale for $60 sounds fishy to me

    1. It is fishy. I tried it just to see if it was true. 60 bucks bought me 3 Chinese masks for Covid. Not kidding. I sent numerous emails and have not gotten any legitimate respose

  3. I have purchased a new portable A/C unit from this website about 12 hours ago and was wondering if it’s legitimate. There is no working phone number associated with the site and I have not received any email confirmation of a tracking number/ shipping time frame. Should I get my refund now or wait it out?

      1. Not legitimate. I just received 3 Chinese Covid masks for 60 bucks. Welcome to Callico scam

    1. I also ordered an air conditioner. And am having the same problem. I used my PayPal account to order it.

  4. I brought two air conditioners and did not get a response after they took money from my account. There is no way to get in touch with them. Very shady.

      1. UPDATE:Ok so after looking at the tracking number today its arriving today. I will let people know if it’s what I get.

      2. I no the feeling,they got me for 2 also.and no refund…. there’s got to be a way to shut this company down…. still researching how.

    1. has anybody received anything from this website I’m trying to buy something like an evaporative cooler prices ridiculously low was hard to believe.

    2. I too got took for two ac units. I disputed payment and my bank credited the money back. I checked my account today and I lost the dispute and now my account is negative at the absolute worst possible time. Thanks Wells Fargo!!

      1. , I have received several emails from an address that’s associated with Callico Club telling me that time my merchandise was being cracked and it was on his way and then I found out that the shipment was being tracked from Japan or China and they keep telling me that to give them 10 or 15 more days while it is June 5th and I still not received my unit

      2. Yes 3 Chinese Covid masks to keep u cool. Not kidding. Scammed. We were. I am so mad but I had to see if it was real.

  5. OK, my question is is the site legit though? Do people get what they order? Or do they get ripped off?

    1. Rip off. I received 3 Covid masks for an air conditioner. I tried but they do not cool u down. They make you hot and angry. Someone should shut this site down

  6. That’s what I want to know is it legit? Has any one actually receive what they purchased?

    1. Not legit. I waited a month to receive 3 Covid masks for an air conditioner. Chinese idea of a joke.

  7. So I did order a AC from them. I emailed them and got a response as the number was not working. I got a reply stating my tracking number takes a few days. I did get en email for a tracking number for the AC. It says will take a few days to update. So now I’m waiting to see if tracking updates or if tracking can be found.

    1. You will never get your item!!! It’s a scam and I can’t believe I fell right into it.They sent
      me tracking number too,so what.I ordered on outdoor fireplace and they sent me tiny envelope with 3 KN95 masks in it…My question is to the government and FBI,how can they allow these Chinese scam Americans and get away with it??? Why are they allowed to operate and show up on our browsers,why PayPal what supposedly “shop with confidence” keeps scammers accounts active and no one does anything about it????

      1. Did the same thing to me, been waiting since April 29, no package no refund.they are a fraud.making millions of us ,the hard working people. No how your feeling!

  8. I was just wondering g the same thing …can someone/anyone put a.comment.in here if u have RECEIVED products you have ordered and.paid for..please…. I 2 m on a limited income and with all of this virus stuff going on my roommate who pays over half of the Bills lost her job and our AC went out and I certainly can’t afford to put a new one on my house that I own so I really can’t afford to toss away even $60 I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s the point I want to believe that it’s true and that someone wouldn’t take this time to run a scam on people but anyways please let me know if you have received items from this site I really would appreciate the input thank you so much have a wonderful day ️ ☺️

    1. This place is nothing short of a scamming outfit, I got only three fase masks, but now I am waiting on a refunf by PAYPAL. If you use a credit card call them about fraud!

    1. I have ordered and received a tracking number. It shows a tracking now. I just cant read it due to being in Chinese. I’ll keep you guys posted if I get my items.

      1. Not legit. I waited a month to receive 3 Covid masks for an air conditioner. Chinese idea of a joke.

  9. Heirloom 56 in. Steel and Slate Outdoor Fire Place – $63.76???? NO WAY! This item is over $500 at Home Depot! Looks like a scam to me. Very disappointing to see companies take advantage of people. I never ordered this item. Too Fishy!

  10. I got scammed by them! They need to be investigated! Their site has addresses listed in 3 different states, a nonworking # in another and the item i purchased which came up in a Google search has been taken down and worst yet they deducted amount from my bank account and the charge is listed as Family Children Services!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! SCAM! TRYING TO GET MY $ BACK!

    1. Mimi I am on board with this. I got suckered too. My email is here. I got 3 Covid masks for an air conditioner.lol. Chinese joke. I guess. On us

  11. Hello guys. So I know a lot of people in here are worried. Trust me I still am. I have contacted them via the email. They told me a tracking number would show in a few days. Well few days later I had a tracking number. It took about 6days to show. But I now have a tracking, I just cant read it due to it being in Chinese. I will keep you update as to which I have received my item.

    1. Ron you got scammed. Me too. I got 3 Covid masks for air conditioner. You’ll receive masks in about 5 weeks. I wasted so much time tracking and emailing. Accept fate change your credit cardnow

  12. I reported Callico to both Paypal and Yahoo as a possible fraudulent website for all of the above noted reasons. I doubt that I’ll ever see the Portable Air Conditioner that I ordered.

  13. NOBODY should buy from Callico Club. It’s big scam.
    I bought all AC three weeks ago. Still no AC. I contacted Paypal and they’re trying to get my money back but it’s still pending.
    They will send you a track number but it goes nowhere because it’s not real and even the description is wrong. They’re (supposedly) sending me a small packet. Small packets are less than (4) lbs. How can an AC be less than (4) lbs!!!
    DO NOT BUY!! They are a fake company with zero offices in the world.

  14. I also ordered a AC from them but I paid for it by paypal. They gave me a tracking number after I insisted that they had to give me one. The tracking number shows that it is still in China and it has been for over 7 days now. If you pay with paypal, they will get your money back for you. I have always gone through pay pal and have never had any trouble with them getting my money. But it ticks me off for someone to do people the way this company is doing. I am going to report them to the BBB, the Attorney General’s Office, and (I think) the FTC. Surely if we all report them then someone will see what they are doing and shut them down.

  15. I don’t see the response that I left on here last night. I bought an ac from them and have not received it yet. But you can bet they got the money as soon as I ordered the ac. The good thing was that I bought it through pay pal and pay pal has always been good about getting my money back. I had to beg and beg for a tracking number that wasn’t worth a darn. The tracking number shows that it is coming from Hong Kong, China and it just keeps going around and around there. I am going on there one more time and leaving them a not so nice note. lol Hope everyone else has luck in getting their money back

  16. Same issues…ordered an evap cooler at a ridiculously low price, no contact, confirmation, or tracking for weeks. E-mailed them, so far no reply. Will file a resolution req with Paypal. Covered my butt, though…saved the web page, and screenshots of the ad and item as displayed,

  17. How do you report this company? I ordered an ac also and have tried to contact them several times. Got a receipt and they took it out my account also. Who do I report too???? Thanks

  18. Well my mom ordered an ac unit because hers is out and she is on a limited income and I believe she was scammed. So anybody know how I can help her to get her money back?

  19. This website is fake they are in China creating fake website to steal our money. People do not order anything from those websites calico club, Julyye outlook, etc I had to learn the hard way. Either they sent u a fake tracking number or mail you a mask or iPhone case. Share this message so other people don’t buy anything from those scam websites. Get a job and stop stealing our money thief

  20. I bought an air conditioner almost a month ago and literally just now recieved a message saying it will be here Juner 1st. After reading the comments from other people Im going to just take this as a loss. I clearly won’t get the ac but I am curious about the Paypal thing. Has anyone else who paid with Paypal received their money back after disputing this fake company? I started a dispute like a week after looking into this and realizing I was scammed.

  21. No. I ordered an ac and they even sent me a tracking number. Received a face mask. China based so there is no accountabilty. Definitely scam!

  22. Again it’s a scam. Report to pay pal if you used it them to pay. They will send you a fake package of masks. Just to have a tracking number out.
    The listed number if you Google is on several sites. We’re all dumb thinking we’d get an air conditioner for that cheap.

  23. How about several of us see if we can do it as a group and maybe we might can get something done. I don’t know who is in the United States and who isn’t. But don’t you think it might be worth a try? I am going to send it to the Attorney General’s office and see if the government might can help. I have already filed a complaint with the BBB’s office. And I think I am going to try and see if the FTC might be an agency that would help. Is anyone interested in going this route?

    1. Hi has anybody received their AC units? I ordered two on April 26th and haven’t received either. I have contacted email support three times and I’ve just been told to wait as they are “sure to arrive”. Well the tracking number finally updated and States my package will be delivered this Friday June 12th, my only concern is as mentioned in the previous comments, it says small packets? I ordered two very large air conditioners I’m not sure what exactly I’m actually getting but I will let you all know as soon as I do.

    2. You won’t. You’ll get 3 Covid masks. Change your credit card. My advice. I got scammed too. Spread the word. People should not have to deal with this. Sherry. I’m in

  24. , isn’t PayPal supposed to refund the money back if they get involved in they told me to give him a PayPal asked me to give him another 10 days to try to resolve it it’s been if it’s June 5th how many more Tim days do they need I have a tracking number associated with China and there’s nothing there’s no tracking anything here is just an arbitrary number . So will I get my money back that there’s nothing attached to that number

  25. Sherry I am on board with this. Email name at bottom. I got three Covid masks as a joke. Change credit cards people

  26. I take it that no one is interested in getting their item or getting their money back. I have been in contact several times with these people and wouldn’t mind if others would like to do the same as I have. But if you aren’t interested, then you aren’t. Just thought I might help someone.

  27. No this site is a scam big time!! I just found out!! I ordered a portable basketball hoop and just received a freaking scarf!! A $51.00 scarf!! I’m beyond mad! Please don’t order from them no matter what they say!!

  28. I ordered an AC unit. The page timed out on me, so I went back to try again. Timed out again. I tried one last time and when it happened a 3rd time, I gave up. I noticed the next morning that there were THREE CHARGES on my debit card (listed as a BOOK CLUB). I cancelled my credit card but the credit union had already put the 3 charges through. I got emails confirming all three orders then a couple of days later I got a shipping notification. 21 days later, the tracking number showed to be ‘out for delivery’. Well – $165 later I received a package of 5 FACEMASKS!! WTH?? I’m am beyond livid. I’ve tried to contact them via the links provided and nothing. Looks like I’ll be going back to the bank to start a fraud claim.


  29. Okay so I’m following up on my previous post, I ordered the two AC units my order total was like $123.00 and they were supposed to arrive today got tracking information and in the mail arrived 2 cheap face masks no AC units! What a scam! I am so mad I want my money back! Do not order from these people!

  30. I was also scammed. I placed an order for 2 ac units in the beginning of May. Then I had a bad feeling and tried to cancel out through PayPal. I still haven’t received anything but nice to know that I will probably receive face masks if they ever come. I am filing with PayPal to get my money back. I am interested in a class action suit with attorney general.

  31. Same here I also got scam by this f%#$ing company. bought an a/c & didnt get sh%t! the receipt has an email georgesaguilar@163.com i email this ass#%?@ and never got any response back! i wish theres something we can all do to shut this site down…

  32. STAY FAR AWAY. BOGUS, fraudulent organization. You’ll just get face/dust masks like everyone else who has ordered from these scum bags no matter what you ordered. And you’ll wait for months. They never provide their name, address or phone number either in their emails even if you ask. That’s a red flag right there. The phone # on the pkg. that they sent is: 15864320001. Forward the issue to Law Enforcement. Item supposedly is shipped from Warehouse No. 8 No.240 Shanghai. You’ll then, no doubt, receive calls from a 509 area code – if you look up the 509 # and the 586 # its listed as: Angolan Kwanza to Albanian Lek.

  33. Same for me, ordered two AC units, back in May to donate to an Animal Shelter. After 6 weeks I called the shelter to see if they received the units. They had not. Checked the tracking number and it said the units had been left by the mailbox. The shelter is on a 5 lane highway and has a sign that says deliveries are to be made at the office. After several back and forth e-mails between myself, the recipient, Callico and the post office I was offered by Callico to have the units resent. I accepted. It is now August 6 and nothing (no face masks even). I filed a complaint with PayPal when the original items did not show up and have received a refund.

  34. THEY ARE A HUGE SCAM DO NOT BUY!! I have been fighting for my refund since May, they are a huge shady scam!! Report them to PayPal and whoever you purchased through and blow their company up online with bad reviews! Evil people out there it’s sick.

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