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Canvaspop Review: Turn Your Photos into Ravishing Home Decor

Canvaspop Review: Turn Your Photos into Ravishing Home Decor >> Over the past few years, canvas printing has become a trend, canvas printing covers images into life-long memories. There are multiple options available for electronic printing in the market, and you can choose any of them to protect your memories. But the quality of work depends on company to company. Some prints a very high-quality Canvas print and some have ordinarily satisfactory results. There are many companies available for this purpose, and one of those is CanvasPop. Custom canvas prints have become trendy these days.

In this article, you will find how Canvaspop differs from other brands and a detailed review of the products of CanvasPop.

What is Canvaspop?

Canvaspop is a Canada-based online printing service founded in 2009 and headquartered in Ottawa and Las Vegas. They focuses on printing premium high-quality pictures on canvas. Over the past few years, the business of Canvaspop is in the boom, and apart from delivery in Canada and the USA, the company has also started delivering its products all over Europe. Canvaspop also provides photo collages and framed printed products.

The reason why Canvaspop is highly preferred over other brands is their quality factor as they provide among the finest quality materials. Furthermore, they also have professional photographers who give you an extraordinary experience with great memories captured in the camera and which are then printed on a canvas. Also, significantly fewer companies can compare themselves with the quality that they provide and the price they offer.

Services and Products Available

Canvaspop provides a wide range of products and services such as Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Pet Portraits, Photo Collages, Triptych Prints, etc. However, Canvas Prints provided by Canvaspop are considered as their best products, and this one of the sole reasons why Canvaspop became such a huge brand. Canvaspop is regarded as a one-stop shop because it provides a wide range of facilities. Now, let’s have a look at different products offered by the company –

High-Quality Canvas Prints

Canvaspop creates premium quality custom canvas prints that you can customize online. They use luxury fabric for printing, such as matte linen along with polycotton. They use these linen materials because they are acid-free, OBA-free with no additives or agents, and neutral in their pH nature.

It also claims that these canvas prints have a life of 100 years if taken utmost care of. They use the latest available canon tools to print the pictures, and the prints are laminated just by using the best quality professional laminates.

Framed Prints

While dealing with Canvaspop, they allow you to choose between a framed paper print or a black canvas written. They print the images on a high-quality 255 gsm luster film. They provide evident, neat, and clean informative framed prints.

Furthermore, they also use handmade wooden frames with vinyl finish over them, either black or white, and espresso. Also, they are straightforward to place as they come with a magnet so that you can easily hang them on your walls.

High-Quality Canvas Prints 2021

Photo Collage Prints

Photo collage is another specialty of Canvaspop. It allows you to add a maximum of up to 36 images in one canvas. And for the additional touch, the client can pick the framing possibilities as well. It provides a fully customized collage. You can even modify the space between the pictures according to your preference, and you can also select the design for the same.

 Pet Portraits

These types of portraits were started by Canvaspop recently. They claim that they can uniquely print the pet art on their website. They also allow their clients to choose their favorite color to give the pet portrait an extra customized touch.

Along with all these products and services, they also offer Triptych Prints. According to the reports and their statements, they are about to launch several more services very soon, which will be even more exciting and trending.  

How to order prints at Canvaspop?

To get something ordered online on Canvaspop, you do not have to link or merge an account. It can be done even without that. But signing up allows you to watch your order online. Or if you are billing something around $200, then you have to sign up for an account.

Whenever you visit the official website of Canvaspop, after staying there for a few minutes, you will be welcomed by a help right hand in a visit box. The assistant briefs you about their services and also resolves all the queries.

How to order prints at Canvaspop 2021

While ordering from Canvaspop, the first choice a client has to make is on the off chance that they need a solitary photograph imprinted on material, a composition, or an outlined print. Then there you can upload the picture you want to get printed. They also allow you to directly upload the image from social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The client can upload the JPG, PNG, or TIFF format of a picture. If a client gets along with photo print, then there as well he has two options, printing on a canvas paper or a framed paper print.

While uploading the pictures, they also inform you if your picture is compatible with the resolution, they want or not, and if it is not consistent, they ask to upload again. Canvaspop Has its designers for editing the picture like adjusting contrast, fixing red eyes, etc. They also allow you to see how your final image will look so that your confirmation leads to print.

Pricing of Canvaspop

The minimum price that Canvaspop Seeks and a client is expected to pay is $40. However, if the client is lucky, you might be able to get a discount. Ordinarily, the price varies based on the size of the image and the materials requested by the customer, and discount offers can usually be fetched while signing the newsletters.

The pricing of Canvaspop, according to the quality they provide, is much lesser than other mediocre brands.

Canvaspop provides unique photo prints at a very competitive price, and their services are 100% satisfactory.

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