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Cfl Scoring Rules {Aug} Let’s Read About The League!

Here in this article, we will read about the CFL Scoring Rules the Canadian football league.

Are you also a fan of football? Because there are many crazy of football present worldwide, especially in countries like the United States and Canada. And these football fans want to know every detail of Canadian football and the CFL Scoring Rules.

A football freak needs to know the scoring rules of CFL, so here in this article, we will try to provide you with all the details of Canadian football and its scoring rules, so read this article till the end for complete knowledge.

What is CFL Sport?

It is a sport that comes under the Canadian football genre. In this sport, two teams participate in which there are two teams which participate against each other, each team consists of twelve participating members. Before going on to the topic of Cfl Scoring Rules, let us dig some more information about CFL.

In this Game, the opposite team tries to score a goal by throwing an oval-shaped ball into the opponent’s area. This sport can also be termed rugby football, and basically, this sport was originated in the year 1860. And then, over time, this sport was being called Canadian football. And it is one of the very famous and substantial professional sport that comes under the Canadian football league. So now, after having in-depth knowledge about this sport, let us read bout its scoring rules.

Details about Cfl Scoring Rules:

The scoring rules under the Canadian football league is as follows.

-If any team scores a touchdown, then the team who scores must kick it off from their 35yard own line.

If the team on the defense side scores a safety, which means that they have brought the ball down in the end zone of offense, they can claim possession.

-If one of the teams kicks the ball, then the other team has the ultimate right to get the ball and go for a run.

Timeouts And Time rules of the Game:

After reading about the CFL Scoring Rules, let us read about the time rules and the timeouts of this sport.

– In this sport, both of the teams get multiple timeouts per Game, and both the teams can only use the timeouts while they are in the three-minute warning in the following second half.

– In the Canadian football league, each after the Game is over, the referee plays his whistle to start the Game and 20 seconds to catch the football.


In this article, we have read about the Canadian football league and the CFL Scoring Rules related to this Game, and we have also read about the timeout of the Game and many more additional details that football freaks want to know.

Are you also a Canadian football league fan? If yes, then tell us about your favorite football star.

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