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Charmantgirl com Reviews [June] Is This A Reliable Site?

Charmantgirl com Reviews [June] Is This A Reliable Site? -> In this article, we learned about an online sportswear website.

Are you looking for durable sportswear and boots? Let’s see some Charmantgirl com Reviews and check if this website is legit or not.
People who love to go for an outing and enjoy outdoor like horseback riding, playing golf, barbeque prefer to wear comfortable clothing to enjoy that particular occasion with their friends and family.

Charmantgirl.com has attracted a lot of customers from the United States. People are asking whether it is safe to order products from this website because this website launched recently.

Ladies might agree with us that buying a new pair of boots can be expensive, and they don’t know how durable those boots are. Hence, finding functional quality boots and sportswear can be a tedious task.

We are here to present you with this fantastic website and provide you details about what this website holds in its bag for us.

What is Charmantgirl.com?

  • Charmantgirl.com is an online clothing and footwear store for women. The website has a variety of products for ladies who love to do outdoor activities.
  • Some of the products available on the website are boots, leggings, pants, tights, ice skiing kit, jeans, shoes, and various combo options.
  • There are many exciting offers on the website, depending on the type and number of orders you place.

Why is Charmantgirl.com unique?

The website has fantastic offers that you cannot ignore at any cannot ignore at all. The site has been continuously updating its products at any brilliant level that they could achieve.

The gift cards are given by the website designed as per customer convenience, and with each purchase, you get a reward point which you can redeem with your next purchase.

Specifications of Charmantgirl.com:

  • Product Type: Sports accessories and clothes
  • Website Link: https://www.charmantgirl.com/
  • Email Address: support@charmantgirl.com
  • Address: 1902 Easey comm bldg 253-261, Hennessy road wanchai 999077
  • Contact Number: +852 60869069
  • Delivery Time: Up to 2 weeks
  • Shipping Charges: Free above orders of $79.99
  • Return and Exchange: Available
  • Refund: Available
  • Mode of Payment: Online Payment Only

Pros of buying products from Charmantgirl.com:

Durable and high-quality products.
Refund option available
Return/Exchange option available
Safe Payment Gateway
Secure browsing protocol

Cons of buying products from Charmantgirl.com:

  • Cash on Delivery not available
  • Lack of Transparency
  • Few online reviews available
  • No order tracking system

Is Charmantgirl.com legit?

The website term of service policy says that if you try to use their products for your business use, you can answer the officials of the staff’s website.

The website also considers your IP to sort the products as per your area and provide you excellent service.

The website shares your number with the third party to transit your order safely.

What is customer feedback on Charmantgirl.com?

The website is very new therefore we could not find much information about the services and products of the website.

Some reviews stated that the products reached to them by the delivery partners on time, and also, the website seemed legit to browse.

Some people stated that the newsletter services by the website have been beneficial to them because they were updated with the new projects launched and exciting new offers available on the site.

The payment gateway is secure and gives a sigh of relief to the customer, and since one, the payment gateway is PayPal, even if you are not satisfied with the website’s services.

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, I would recommend you to go for this website because it is safe and we could not find any faults in this website.

There is a common fact that when the website launched new, it takes time to gain the trust of customers and provide the best service so that they can refer the services of the site to their friends and family.

The website does not have any social media involvement at all; therefore, we would suggest the staff of the website work on its social marketing.

The website has its domain, which is a good sign, and you can trust the authenticity of the website.

We would advise you to wait for some time before buying from this website so that the site grows into a more reliable and safe shopping place.

Please take standard security measures to secure yourself and your bank account from any kind of cyber fraud during payment.

0 thoughts on “Charmantgirl com Reviews [June] Is This A Reliable Site?

  1. This company is a total tip off, you will receive a cheap imitation of the item shown on their website – and that’s after waiting over 5 weeks for it to be delivered.


  3. this site is a scam. ordered and never received item. the customer support email is directed to no one.

  4. Don’t waste your time or money with this company. The boots took about 2 months to arrive & when they did the quality was terrible. Cheap knock offs & nothing like the pictures used to advertise them. To return them costs more than what I had already paid for them. Totally bogus company. BEWARE PEOPLE.

  5. Do not buy on this site! These are poor quality clothes that are not for riding. The “leather” of the boots is soft and the pants are horrible (do not match the pictures at all). I tried to get a refund and they told me that it was really expensive, that I wouldn’t get a full refund and that I should give the items to a friend instead!

  6. Total rip off I have now been waiting for over 2 months for a pair of boots. If it’s seems too good to be true then it most certainly is 🤬

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