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China Crash Plane Wiki {March 2022} Know Facts Here!

The article will give you the idea and information about China Crash Plane Wiki. Read the article to know more.

Do you know the recent tragic plane crash incident? Recently a Chinese Aircrafts faced a sad incident in the South China Mountain. The plane was carrying 132 passengers on Monday. But the plane crashed in the Southern areas of China. 

Many media houses in the United States and India have covered the incident. As per our research, the horrific accident has taken 132 lives. The news is also published on Wikipedia. But what actually happened? Let’s find out the information about the – China Crash Plane Wiki

The Tragic Incident

As per our research, the flight number is “China Boeing 737”. The flight took off from Kunming at 0511 GMT as per the research. The flight destination was Guangzhou airport. But before that, the flight had utterly crashed down in the Wuzhou on the mountains.

As per the radar time, the flight crashed from 29000 feet at 0620 GMT. But as per the recent update, the altitude was nearly 3220 feet. After the tragic incident, the Chinese officials sent a rescue team to the incident area. Also, an investigation is started to find out the real cause. 

China Plane Crash Video- The Recent Update

Several images are released of the plane crash incident per our research. The photos show the plane crash incident. Many people also shared the videos on social media platforms. As per the official information, there were 132 passengers on the flight.

The rescue team has already initiated the rescue operation. But as per the non-official sources, there is significantly less chance that anyone could survive the incident. Meanwhile, the Chinese administration has ordered the investigation of the accident.

As per the official report, no foreign passenger was on the flight.

China Crash Plane Wiki- The Aftermath

The incident has shocked many people and statements of both the countries. The Chinese authorities sincerely expressed their sadness at the plane crash incident. On the other hand, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Damodar Bhai Modi also expressed his sadness at the incident.

On the personal “twitter” handler, the Prime Minister of India praying for the death causes. The Indian Prime Minister also expressed his support and sympathy to the families affected by the incident. 

Chinese ambassador to India Sun Weidong expressed his thanks to the Indian Prime Minister and the people of India for their concern. Meanwhile, many media houses have released- China Plane Crash Video.

Why the News is Trending

As our research says, the news is trending due to some reason. A few months back, “Boeing Max 737” planned to come into the commercial sector. But suddenly, an accident took place that caused 132 deaths. Due to this reason, the flight incident news is all over the media.


Our recent research also finds out that the American Aviation Regulatory body “FAA” has expressed to extend their support to the Chinese authority. As per the “FAA”, in this turmoil moment, the FAA will give any assistance for the investigation purposes on China Crash Plane Wiki. 

What is your assumption on the incident? Please share your view. However, for more information and updated details, you can check the link.

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