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Cocawhole com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is this an Online Scam?

Cocawhole com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is this an Online Scam?  >> This article mentions a website that has products related to apparel and accessories.

How have so many websites been cheating the customers in the name of special offers? This article will be a befitting reply to all those websites that are just getting their name and fame in the name of special offers. Fake websites make festive seasons as their main days to deceive the people of their hard-earned money. 

Things are getting worse and worse; it seems there is no stopping away from fake websites. Cocawhole com Reviews will give us the details of a website from the United State offering so many wearables. 

Some websites look very genuine, but just after a little research, we can surely know that these websites are fake and have no benefits for the customers whatsoever. With all these things keeping in mind, let’s move ahead in today’s article to know more about the website.

What is Cocawhole com?

As the trend for clothes is rising, we can find many types of coats, jackets, and other apparel in online shopping stores. As far as cocawhole.com is concerned, it has given all the apparels section wise.

There is a section of down parka coat along with hooded parka. Cocawhole com Reviews found that there is another section of the faux fur coat. In the section of tops, there is an availability of Sports jackets, jackets, and sweaters. The website is also giving options to the customers to buy the products in terms of festivals. 

People can buy different products related to the festivals of Halloween, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. The site also gives customers options to buy the products according to the pattern of mountain and scene, marine life, and animal print. In the section of bottoms, there is an availability of leather pants and jeans. Women’s boots are also available.

If we talk about the accessories, then we can find hats, gloves, jewelry, and bags on the website’s pages. The website gives special discounts to the customers, and it is also saying that it will be free shipping for orders over 39 US dollars.

Specifications of Cocawhole com

  • Website product: apparels, accessories, etc
  • Email ID: service@Luckpink.com
  • Contact number: we couldn’t find it.
  • Return policy: It is there with the availability of 30 days
  • Cancellation policy: customers can cancel the products only within seven days after the placement of the order
  • Refund policy: customers will get their refund within three days after the return of the item
  • Payment method: PayPal, credit cards like visa cards, discover and master cards American Express are available. 

Pros of Cocawhole com 

  • The website is giving a special discount to the customers.
  • There is an availability of worldwide shipping on the website.
  • The website has categorized its products according to the festivals as well.

Cons of Cocawhole com 

  • The website has not given any contact number for direct conversation related to any queries without having to wait for the mail’s reply.
  • There is no positive review of the website available on the Internet. 
  • Many people have criticized the website and called it a scam on the Internet. 

Is Cocawhole com legit?

Cocawhole com Reviews found that there is no reliable source that can confirm its authenticity. All the opinions and the statements made by the people on the Internet have only the negativity regarding this particular website. That’s why we also have the final point that this website is not an authentic site.

Customers’ reviews on Cocawhole com

Through this Cocawhole com Reviews, we found the opinions of so many people on the Internet, and they have to say that the website is totally a scam. But as far as those purchasers are concerned, they have not given any reviews related to the site. 

No rating of the website is available on social media as well. Some of the people’s views on the Internet have to claim that the website is also very new; thus, it is very untrustworthy.

Final verdict

As the availability of so many fake websites are on the rise, many new websites make people believe that they are very true to online shopping, but this is not the case. Through this Cocawhole com Reviews, we exposed this particular website to the best of our ability so that common people may know the truth behind this website.

 It is always important to stay alert so that we may not get caught whenever we come across a scam. It is also our social responsibility to spread such kind of awareness to our fellow citizens as well. And we should not recommend anybody to buy any products from this site.

Please do give your comments about this particular article.

0 thoughts on “Cocawhole com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is this an Online Scam?

  1. Hi, I passed a command on October 31 and i try to reach them since more than a week mow without any comeback from them. It’s the first time I have the impression to been part of a scam and frustrated and overwhelmed because I don’t know what to do cuz I’m in Canada, Québec and our customers protection are probably different from the USA one… I definitely don’t have the money to buy it again somewhere else so I’m sad et perturbed af…

    If you have any suggestions for what can i do against them it will be greatly appreciated.

    Don’t buy there it’s all i can suggest personally…

  2. I bought a red parka several months ago and never received. I tried emailing the service@luckypink person/group with no response. I even sent a screen shot of my receipt with order number. I have found no other way to contact them and have sent the message to luckypink several times with no response. I only found this site looking for other ways to contact them. SCAM!! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!

  3. Michelle Clidaras

    Seems like I am also a victim of luck pin cocawhole they’ll definitely seems to be a scam I have ordered two jackets October 31 I never received anything I reached out to customer service by email about five times no reply no tracking number provided they just charged my card & never shipped anything there’s no telephone number
    I really hope I get the merchandise I paid for if not I will have to do a charge back on my credit card

  4. Seems like I am as well a victim of luck pink cocawhole. They definitely seems to be a scam. I order a coat on Dec 7 plus requested to have it shipped faster for $12.99 I received an invoice of my purchase that stating tracking number will follow when ready for shipping. Credit card was charged for the coat USD, but still no tracking number stating it is on its way. Paid Canadian dollars for my purchase. Not impressed.

  5. I have fall for it to. I have email them multiple times and nothing. I just read that u can only cancel seven days after ordering. I have also posted on media what a crappy company this is.

  6. J’ai commandé un manteau le 17 octobre 2020. Je ne l’ai toujours pas reçu. Ils prennent notre argent. Une vraie arnaque.

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