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Codes for Fire Force Online Roblox: What is Online Clan Ability Tier List? Check Codes Here Now!

Check out the Article below to get the latest Codes for Fire Force Online Roblox and learn more about how to enhance your Tier ranking.

Are you searching for the latest Fire Force Online Roblox game code? Roblox is a massive gaming platform that is a game in which different maps are present, which are based on different stories.

However, the demand for the Codes for Fire Force Online Roblox has increased greatly in the United States since the announcement of the new update. 

Roblox Fire Force Free Codes

Free codes are the most interesting part of Roblox, where you can redeem multiple items for free to enhance your character’s power. It is very easy to redeem the codes in Roblox by pressing the M button in the menu, and you can use the code once only. 

There are four codes that to redeem items:

  • 15KLIKES: Generate Reroll (New)
  • 10KLIKES: 1x Ability Reroll (New)
  • Sorry4Bugs: 2x Ability Reroll; 2x Clan Reroll; 1x Generation Reroll.
  • Colors4You: 2x Eye Color Reroll; 2x Hair Color Reroll.

Fire Force Online Ability Tier List

The Fire Force Tier list helps you understand your player’s potential and is a ranking system. In Tier ranking, the highest is ‘Tier S,’ and the least is Tier D. In every stage of the Tier, you will get special abilities and power for game’s mission. 

Tier S:

  • Liberation Fists
  • Grand Hands

Tier A:

  • Gun
  • Devil’s Footprint
  • Sakura

Tier B:

  • Pile Bunker
  • Lightning
  • Excalibur
  • Explosion
  • Shield
  • Axe n’ Gun

Tier C:

  • Sickle
  • Sputter

Tier D:

  • There are no abilities in Tier D.

Fire Force Online Clan Tier List

Multiple Clans registered their team in the Fire Force Online game. Check out the list of the Clan holding the top position in the different tier list. Additionally, there is a possibility of changes in the plans name as the player wins or loses the game.

Tier S

  • Shinmon
  • Dragon
  • Obi
  • Montgomery
  • Boyle
  • Kakame

Tier A

  • Burns
  • Kusakabe
  • Kotatsu
  • Mori
  • Sagamiya
  • Oze

Tier B

  • Son
  • Oji
  • Kakage
  • DFresh

Tier C

  • Not any stable clans in Tier C.

Tier D

  • Not any stable clans in Tier D

Codes for Fire Force Online Roblox: Social Media Link

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Final Verdict!

Roblox Fire Force Online game has been one of the most demanding maps since its launch. Check out the latest code to redeem variable items in the game. Also, understand the categorization in the Tier system. 

On which Tier is your Clan performing? Comment Below. Also, learn how Gamers find out Robux generators are fake.

Codes for Fire Force Online Roblox: FAQs

Q1 Which is the best ability in the Fire Force game?

Devil’s footprint.

Q2 How many people gave thumbs up on the map? 

More than 19K people gave thumbs up.

Q3 How to make an Aerial attack in the Fire Force?

Run + Jump + M1

Q4 Who is the Rank #1 in Fire Force Online Clan Tier List?


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