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Colorado Tax Deadline 2021 (Apr) Get Key Details Here

Colorado Tax Deadline 2021 (Apr) Get Key Details Here -> Get to know about the latest announcement related to the tax deadline that is affecting people in Colorado. 

Are you curious to find out about tax payment and filing deadline this year? The Colorado Tax Deadline 2021 write-up is for the readers who are constantly checking online for any news related to tax filing in the United States

Especially the people living in the state of Colorado are wondering by when they need to fill in the taxes for 2021. 

For more information, continue reading this post as we share all the details about it here. 

When is the last date to fill taxes in Colorado? 

As per the info shared by the Colorado Department of Revenue, the deadline to file for taxes has been extended. Before we divulge further into the Colorado Tax Deadline 2021 post, let’s find out about the chain of events that transpired in this news. Also, let’s learn about the date that serves as the deadline. 

The Internal Revenue Service made the announcement a few days ago regarding the extension of the tax deadline. Followed by which, many states like Colorado made similar announcements. 

Now the individuals and families residing in Colorado, the state that is renowned for its diverse landscape, can pay their taxes till May 17th, 2021.

Continue going through the post as we lay down essential info about Colorado Tax Deadline 2021

Key things to know about it: 

  • Individual taxpayers have time till the 17th of May to file taxes. 
  • Earlier, the deadline was on the 15th of April. 
  • It is an automatic extension. 
  • The one-month extension is very similar to the one that was announced by the IRS.
  • According to CDR (Colorado Department of Revenue), people who require additional time to pay the taxes can do so till October 2021. However, penalties may apply. 
  • People will pay the taxes for the income year of 2020. 
  • The taxpaying deadline extension is not applicable for returns or payments for another type of taxpayers. 

Public reaction 

The news of Colorado Tax Deadline 2021 has been received in a positive manner by the public. Many Coloradans who have been impacted by the pandemic are taking a sigh of relief. 

As the last year has been extremely difficult for people all over the state, this news of tax deadline extension has become the talk of the town all over. 

People are posting online and expressing their relief. On social media networking sites, there are a lot of posts regarding the same. News channels are also covering this news. 

Concluding remarks

The Colorado Tax Deadline 2021 extension has been announced lately by the authorities in charge. The official announcement was made by the CDR after IRS shared a similar announcement and gave many people in the state a chance to rejoice. 

What are your views on this tax deadline extension? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment in the comment section. 

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