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Comfy Bear Review [April 2021] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Comfy Bear Review [April 2021] Is it a Scam or Legit? -> Here’s everything you need to know about an ecommerce store that sells a wide variety of products at discounts.

Are you an online shopping enthusiast always on a lookout for webshops that offer great deals? If yes, then let’s take a glance at Comfybear.co.uk. 

We’re sharing Comfy Bear review today to help our readers understand if the site is trustworthy and reliable. 

In the United Kingdom, many online shoppers expressed curiosity about this site, so we decided to review it. As there is a rapid increase in the number of dubious sites posing as ecommerce sites online, it is extremely crucial to be certain of a site’s genuineness before shopping from it. 

What is Comfybear.co.uk? 

The ecommerce store caters to a wide variety of products. The website’s catalog comprises of categories like electronics, cleaning tools, clothes, accessories, health and beauty products, house tools, baby products, etc

The company shares its story, mission, and vision on the about us page. It lists its shipping and returns policy on the respective webpages. 

Though it appears to be reliable, is it safe for online shopping? Let’s take a look at this site’s specifications and other aspects in today’s Comfy Bear review to find out if you should use this site. 

Specifications of Comfybear.co.uk:

  • Website type – online shopping portal selling a huge collection of products
  • Shipping fee – free shipping on orders that cost over £30
  • Shipping duration – not displayed 
  • Return – within 14 days of receiving the order 
  • Order cancellation – email customer service
  • Mode of payment – PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express  
  • Company email address – customer@comfybear.co.uk
  • Company physical address – not shared 
  • Company contact number – not mentioned 

Pros of using Comfybear.co.uk:

  • The website boasts a huge catalog. 
  • The website allows return. 
  • The webshop is offering products at discounted rates. 
  • The domain of the site is quite old. 

Cons of using Comfybear.co.uk:

  • There are many negative reviews for the site. 
  • The site does not refund the shipping cost in case of return or exchange. 
  • The webshop does not ship internationally. 

Is Comfybear.co.uk legit or scam?

In today’s Comfy Bear review, we conducted a series of searches to find out if the site is legit or not. The site is SSL certified, and the domain was registered over 11 months ago. The e-store has a page on Facebook. 

On the site, the company displays a lot of relevant info about the products. All the products appear to be arranged categorically. These are good signs that indicate the site is not dubious. 

However, we found a few issues. The site does not mention the company’s physical address or shares the contact number. Most importantly, the reviews that we found online are mostly negative with people calling the site a scam for either not delivering the product or shipping low-quality items. 

Some of the content found on the site is unoriginal, and though the site has been around for a long time, it is not very popular. Based on the research, we’re unable to comment for certainty if the site is trustworthy or not. 

What are people saying about Comfybear.co.uk?

On the homepage of the website, we found a few customer reviews. Buyers share that they’re satisfied with the products and are looking forward to shopping more from the site. 

We carried our search on other forums. To our surprise, most of the reviews on the internet are negative. A few buyers share that the webshop did not deliver the order on time. Others appear to be extremely unhappy with the quality of the product. 

Final Verdict 

Thorough research helps us determine if the site is legit or suspicious. We found that the site is equipped with an SSL certification, and the domain was registered 11 months ago. 

The site shares info about its products and services. Though they do not share any contact number, the site lists an email id that users can use. On the homepage, the e-store displays positive reviews. However, the reviews on the internet are mostly negative. 

Many people share that they’re not pleased with the services, while a few are calling it a scam. However, the site has a page on Facebook. At this point, we’re not sure whether it can be trusted for online shopping or not. 

Thus, in this Comfy Bear review, we leave the decision up to our readers. In case you’ve shopped from this site, then do leave a comment on this page. 

20 thoughts on “Comfy Bear Review [April 2021] Is it a Scam or Legit?

  1. I bought a front fastening bra no wire very dissapointed with it the quality of this bra is rubbish couldnt find a return address would not recomend

  2. Bought a child number book on line , money taken out of the account immediately, book never arrived , this is disappointing , still see the same product advertised by them . Loading faith in buying off the internet, a shame for all the legitimate traders

    1. Ordered a game on 17th October, after contacting the company several times requesting status of goods, the game finally arrived mid-November. However it was in a broken condition and although sending pictures of broken game spend asking for a refund, all we ever get are automatically generated emails after every complaint. We will be contacting Trading Standards over the shoddy way this company appears to deal with customers complaints.

  3. Ordered an item comfy bear confirmed order no shipping notice sent chased them with e mail no reply still waiting I think it’s a con site beware!!!!

  4. I bought the heated jacket, requested information on how to return, as jacket was far too small, sizes are ridiculous, nothing back from the company about returning, refund. Nothing it is a rubbish company.

  5. Ordered christmas presents to the value of £75 for grandsons. Tracking says order has been delivered but I have not received it. No response to emails . I assumed this was a UK site because of the .co.uk website address. Never ASSUME – make an ASS of U and ME :((

  6. Ordered on the 2/11/2020 and still no response from Comfybear even after several emails even though they say that emails will be responded to within one working day, which is obviously not the case. Still, won’t give up hope !!

  7. order two items, not expensive, but never received any confirmation, nor have I received the items. I’ve emailed to chase up, never had a response. I’d say this isn’t a legitimate business for sure.

  8. As with all the other comments – this is a con! Ordered goods, money taken from account – no goods arrived. Strangely enough, I have received the same automated email responses for Comfybear (with an address in China) that I received with another site: Swanation. Similar problem – money taken but wrong goods sent! On each occasion I believed I was ordering from a UK company. The annoying thing is I am still seeing Comfybear advertising their goods. They should be stopped. They are taking advantage of people ordering on line during this pandemic. Immoral and illegal behaviour. Disgusting!!!

  9. very disappointed. Items ordered were sold as “toys” -0 when they arrived after 6 weeks (with no paperwork whatsoever in the parcel,) I founnd that these were not fit for purpose and certainly not for children – more like someone like a magician might use on stage in front of an audience. Have e-mailed several times and asked for an address to return these – no replies. Have asked my credit card company to take this off my account and for them to chase the payment return. Do not trust this company

  10. What are they allowed to continue trading and advertising? They are not complying with uk consumer law. Suggest everyone complain to the companies advertising their products, Facebook etc.

  11. I ordered a small toy from them and it arrived in about five weeks. It was incomplete a poor quality, instruction were on a very small piece of paper with diagrams that could hardly make out. I rejected good be email as no phone number or address to return the goods. They replied and said the good hand to be return to

    Warehouse No. 10, Building 5, Jin Shi Logistics Park
    Huangshan str. 99, southeast development zone
    215500 changshu
    jiangsu province
    People’s Republic of China
    to enable a refund to be processed. Return costs far exceeded the value to the item purchased. In effect not viable.
    There email seen to come from the United States.

  12. Comfy bear is not uk registered but its owners are BTree Ltd 20H 39 Mark Road, HemelHempstead, Buckinghamshire, HP27DN. Company number 10399060. Director:Lee Thomas Shelley.
    Ordered a heated jacket in size large. They delivered a jacket that would not fit an 8 year old child.
    Unable to contact them for return or replacement. No return address or telephone number. Just an email address, which does not respond.
    The jacket is shoddy not worth the £40 paid, no instructions and likely not to be in line with British regulatory standards. Inside label in Chinese. The company appears to pay no tax and is likely to be trading illegally.
    I would suggesting that anyone experiencing problems contact trading standards, customs and excise and Facebook ( where the products are advertised.
    The company is rated as Bad by 97% of customers on “Trust Pilot” see for yourself.

  13. Purchased two items from this company, Christmas presents for grandchildren. Nothing has arrived, even though Comfybear say in transit.
    Looking like if anything does arrive will be of very poor quality for money paid.
    Have contacted PayPal .

  14. Ordered 2 items from comfybear as a gift for my wife only to find out she already had some ,cancelled order within 1 hour by email ,now 5 emails later 2 Facebook messages and 2 Facebook posts on there page of which non received an answere , 3 days later received an email saying item was on its way .Payed by Paypal so will leave them to sort it also report to trading standards and report site to Facebook ,probably best to avoid this company looking at the reviews.

  15. Nothing received – tracking number not recognised – avoid! Why does Facebook keep allowing their adverts and allowing Facebook users to fall for this scam?

  16. Ordered a bracelet for a birthday gift and it’s too small. Keep getting told due to coronavirus they will not let me return this item. Then they say they will refund me first 50% and now 70%. Still all I want to do is get new size and no refund will be necessary, but keep getting told due to coronavirus they will not accept me returning the bracelet. This is not very good service at all.

  17. I bought a Domom drill/driver kit from comfybear having seen it advertised on Duolingo language learning site so though it would be OK. However, don’t touch comfybear with a barge pole as the item I bought for £19.99 plus £4.99 P&P was absolute crap. It was a great idea but very poorly manufactured with sub- standard materials and wasn’t fit for purpose. I thought about returning for a refund at my expense but seeing the reviews on very poor customer service, I decided to take the ‘hit’ and learn a lesson!

  18. Ordered a large storage bag from them as it was advertised on Facebook.No goods arrived and can not get any response from the company sent them loads of e.mails.I agree this company should be stopped it’s all a scam.Very angry that I have lost my money I’m just a pensioner on a low income.

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