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Coolen.world Reviews [July] Is This a Legit Website?

Coolen.world Reviews [July] Is This a Legit Website? -> Here, in this post, we have talked about an online wardrobe organizer website that claims you give the product at the cheapest cost.

Imagine you get up in the morning, reach into your wardrobe, pick up your favorite outfit, and look amazing for the whole day. Your dream can turn out into reality if you can do that by organizing your wardrobe with the help of a wardrobe organizer. These days the online stores are flooded with such products that offer you the option to buy such products. One such online store is coolen—world, where you will get the wardrobe organizer of your choice. But before heading for the online shopping there, you need to check Coolen.world Reviews.

This online store is right now, focusing on the needs of the people of the United States.

A lot of scamming websites are coming up these days, so you need to be sure about whether the fact Is Coolen.world Legit or not.

In what category does the Coolen.world deals?

Coolen.world is an e-commerce website, from where you can buy designer wardrobe organizer at a little cost.

From this online store, you can buy a multilayer cotton hanging organizer: wall-mounted wardrobe organizer, jewelry storage organizer, and lots more. The company has kept the price affordable for all the products.

List down all the specific details of Coolen.world?

The specific details of Coolen.world are:

  • Hosted By: coolen.world
  • Contact Details: (956) 393-8050
  • Contact Person: Nadine Williams
  • Shipping Address: 8579 Sunmont Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45255
  • Country: United States Payment Gateway: Paypal
  • Return Policy: get 30 days to return the product if you are not satisfied with the product quality.
  • Replacement Policy: You can apply regarding the product replacement within 3-5 days of order placement.

What are the pros of Coolen.world?

The pros of Coolen.world are:

  • The prices of the product are low.
  • The website has used pleasing graphics and engaging content to lure customers on the site.
  • The company gives its delivery services in all the United States.
  • The website uses the secured HTTP connection.

What are all the cons of Coolen.world?

The cons of Coolen.world are:

  • The home page of the website shows that it only deals in a wardrobe organizer, but we also found that the site also sells Kayak that too for minimal cost.
  • The company has not promoted well on various social media platforms as the social media icons are missing on site.
  • Even the phone number provided by the company is fake.
  • This online store got its name just a week ago.

Do you think coolen.world is a legit place to do online shopping?

No, we do not think coolen.world is the right place to do online shopping. At a very first glance of the website, we found it to be the authentic company but after proper investigation of the site. We found it an illegal store of wardrobe organizer. The company has mentioned fake addresses and fake phone numbers. As per the youtube, we found that the company will receive your order and give you the tracking ID and order confirmation mail. But when you receive your parcel, you can get only a package of 3 masks, no matter what you buy, but one will receive either a packet of toys or a mask.

What are the customer viewpoints for coolen.world?

The website has opened its online store recently. Therefore you will not be going to see any customer Coolen.world Reviews due to its low popularity. Customers are not able to trust this website because it has a meager trust score. Instead, they are switching themselves to leading online shopping platforms that have created a niche in the market.

Final Verdict

With the help of this post, we have tried to put all the relevant points regarding the online store named coolen.world. Here, we have listed all the pros and cons of the company and concluded that Is Coolen.world legit.

Due to the less popular, we found that this online store is not the correct place for proceeding for online shopping. It does not have a specific feature. That is why this website is not a legit place for doing online shopping.

Kindly share your Coolen.world Reviews for better assistance if you have bought any product from this website as your reviews will help a lot to the potential buyers. You can share your views in the comment box mention below.

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  1. I’ve been trying to make contact with you the phone number that I have is not working says it’s in Texas and you guys are listing yourselves as being in Cincinnati I’d like to order a rototiller Craig 419-910-0364

  2. This is not a legit site. I purchased a golf bag from them and they sent me one of those fake tracking #’s got my money back via paypal but this site is not legit.

  3. My 9 year old son spent months saving up his money to buy a garbage truck that he had wanted for a long time. He saved up $80 and never got his items. Imp hoping paypal will help. He’s so disappointed!

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