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Corocoro Bessatsu (January 2022) Find Out More Here!

This article offers information about the popular Corocoro Bessatsu magazine and why it’s become trendy.

Comic books are still an integral part of entertainment and popular culture. While films and television, and visual forms of media are more prevalent and successful than others, comic books and other written art forms have managed to stay in the mainstream and not go entirely out of use. 

Users still enjoy reading comic books, and many major comic book publications are still operating successfully today. Corocoro Bessatsu is also one of such publications.

Keep reading this article to know more about this comic book publication and why it has become trendy in the United States, as users are gaining more interest.

What is Corocoro?

Corocoro magazine is one of the most popular and successful manga magazines in Japan and elsewhere. It’s a monthly magazine that Shogakukan publishes. The magazine is targeted at younger kids, specifically kids around the age of elementary school students. 

The magazine has sister publications, one of them is Corocoro Bessatsu which is gaining traction due to a recent affiliation with the popular online game, Among Us. 

Introducing Among Us

For some time, Among Us was the biggest and the most viral online game. It still enjoys global success and popularity and is one of the most famous online games currently available for users to play in the United States and elsewhere. 

InnerSloth is the developer of this viral social deduction game. The gameplay takes place in a spaceship where users play together‌, and one of them is secretly an impostor tasked with killing all of them.

Why is Corocoro Bessatsu Trending?

This comic book has become trendy regarding a recent announcement involving Among Us and this magazine.

  • InnerSloth recently surprised everybody by announcing the release of a manga adaption of the fan-beloved game, Among Us.
  • To everyone’s surprise, InnerSloth has teamed up with Corocoro, specifically the Bessatsu comic, to adapt this game into a manga.
  • The manga will come out in the next publication of the magazine, which comes out on February 4, 2022. 
  • Currently, there’s no information about what the story of the Among Us manga in the trendy Corocoro Bessatsu would be like. Still, there’s speculation that it will involve impostors and be similar to the gameplay.
  • More details about this adaption will be revealed shortly by the concerned parties.
  • Read more about the CoroCoro comic here.

The Final Verdict 

InnerSloth, the developer behind the popular online game, Among Us, has announced that it is partnering up with Corocoro to adapt Among Us into a manga. This news has become a widespread topic of discussion in the gaming and manga community. We have mentioned all the relevant information above; please look at it. 

What are your thoughts on this affiliation between Corocoro and Among Us in a manga adaptation? Do you often read the Corocoro Bessatsu magazine? Kindly share your opinions with us in the comments.

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