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COVID 19 Othena {Jan 2021} New Vaccination Registration!

COVID 19 Othena {Jan 2021} New Vaccination Registration! >> A website is helping to schedule appointments for vaccinations’ smooth functioning & details.

COVID 19 Othena is a web portal for all the information regarding this portal and the login system.

The entire 2020 was just a pandemic year for the whole world, and people were worried about getting themselves safe from such a dangerous virus and its infection.

Now this year, 2021 has brought relief as the vaccines for this dangerous virus have evolved and arrived for the users.

So on this website, people from the United States help get an appointment for their vaccinations as per the web sites eligibility criteria.

What is the website?

This is an electronic portal where the appointments for the Athena COVID Vaccine vaccination of covid-19 happen, and they are taken care of by Curapatient.

As per the norms and policies, the appointments will be given to the community who has the most priority for the vaccinations.

The website runs on all CDC-based vaccination guidelines and information and has all the real-time system to handle the process effectively.

What are the services offered by the website?

The vaccination offers the testing process for the organizations that want to get it done on a large scale.

It is helpful to the people who want to have the appointments for vaccinations and whatever the process involved with it.

How the website othena.com works 

The website helps the people or patients schedule their vaccination timings and days and then keep a follow-up routine for the booster shot and ensure that they have the vaccination at the assigned time.

The website is available on mobile and on the web browser to access by the user, and they can get their appointment done very quickly.

Its programmers created this particular web portal on 07-02-2020, which implies it is 11 months and seven days old, and its credibility rate is around 80%.

Though everyone is aware that the COVID-19 vaccines are; launched in the worldwide market and so many folks of Orange County scheduled their appointments through the site COVID 19 Othena, and thousands more have joined through this system.

Besides, please note that Orange County’s citizens above 65 and only those who fit in the guidelines of phase 1A can schedule their vaccination appointment.

Users review the website. 

People of the United States are happy with the website information and how it provides detailed Help to create a profile.

People were able to track their current period, and they also got all the information and queries related to the virus and the infection quickly. The website is safe to surf, and the user’s data is also safe.

The final verdict on COVID 19 Othena 

It is being sea and sea in that the website has recorded many patients registered under its name, and they are trying to get appointments for the vaccination.

But due to the heavy load on Wednesday evening, the website got a little different, and the developers are working on it to make it perfect again.

Please share your opinion.

28 thoughts on “COVID 19 Othena {Jan 2021} New Vaccination Registration!

  1. The Othena software is absolute garbage.
    Despite that fact, I was able to schedule an appointment and receive the first dose of the vaccine.
    I did this by constantly signing-in to my Othena account to see if I was out of the waiting room and if the screen to chose an appointment was available.
    You were supposed to receive an email when an appointment was available.
    However, I didn’t receive the initial email until AFTER I had already received the initial dose.
    In fact, I received the initial email AFTER I had already received the second dose appointment email.
    How that happened is anyone’s guess.
    The two supervisors that picked Othena should resign.

  2. I have been trying for about 3 weeks, about 10 times a day to get an appointment. It says that we are in a waiting room. My husband & I are in our mid-eighties and we don’t go any where because we can’t get an appointment forthe vaccine. Please help us schedule an appointment

  3. I have been trying to schedule an appointment but so far no responses. I can be best reached on my cell phone and also texted at this number (714) 336-1888

  4. Trying to register for vaccination. Age 80. The web site does not respond under section ” Currently Vaccinating Phase 1A “.

  5. I’m 82. I registered for Covid-19 vaccination almost 3weeks ago. The only status Othena has given me is that I’m in the “waiting room” . It’s never changes . I know other who have gotten their shots via Othena. I’m worried that I’m not really in the queue.

  6. Been trying to get an appointment for 10 days. Still in the waiting room. Is that a problem? Many of my friends have gotten their shots

  7. This morning I sry up an appointment for my wife. She has a letter stating she is on the list, All day long I was trying to get a spot for whenever.
    I fill out the required questions then at the bottom I try to enter to get an appointment push and it does not register like my wives. Is it because I am a man or what after trying 12 times I give up. So help me.

  8. We’re two people 80 years of age. We can’t seem to find out how to register. It is really confusing. Call Barry Wasserman at 714-840-2770

  9. We got an email that we can schedule an appointment but when we click the link to do so it doesn’t work! Very frustrating as we have been trying all morning.

  10. I’m over 75 years old. I am unable to register for the vaccine even though I spend everyday on my computer trying to find a site that will even accept a response.
    This is very disturbing after seeing other people getting their vaccine and being in their 30 and 40’s or the wealthy.

  11. Anxiously awaiting a chance to register for the covid 19 vaccine. I am 79 years old. My wife is 80 years old and also awaiting an open registration site.

  12. How do you schedule an appointment
    I am 78 years old and work for the State
    of California

    Please tell me how to schedule and receive
    an appointment date

  13. Wayne Penny and Cynthia Penny need 1st covid shot at limited time frame waiting. Wayne is handicapped and cannot stand long, nor tolerate being outside long.

  14. Please cancel my Othena Vaccine appointment as I have already had my vaccine shot from my health provider Monarch and having the second shot on 2/25.

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