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Create Butter Card (May 2021) Get Detailed Insight!

Create Butter Card (May 2021) Get Detailed Insight! >> Explore and know more about the butter cards and enjoy sharing them over social media!

Are you creating your Butter Card? As soon as there was a retweet by the BTS about the Columbia Records link that led to the webpage for creating your butter card.

The article will guide you about creating your butter card that has flooded many social media platforms with hundreds of likes and comments. BTS retweet over a social media platform has made many people search about Create Butter Card, and it is the most searched topic Worldwide because of BTS’s retweet. 

Which Retweet By BTS Has Sparked The Social Media Platforms?

BTS has recently retweeted a trailer of one-a hour video link that was posted by Columbia records.  

The Columbia Record’s animated video showed a pan with Butter melting in the pan with a few backgrounds and other kitchen noises. On April 20, 2021, the video share has crossed about 428.1k likes and over 21.9k comments.

BTS ARMY, too was not sure about the motive behind the video. However, people are participating as one of the world’s well-known brands has retweeted it recently over Twitter.

What Is Create Butter Card?

It is a video that showed to create your card with your name on it. This Butter Card will ask your name, city, etc., to create it. You can download your created Butter Card with your name on it.

Many BTS fans Worldwide are posting their Butter Cards every day over social media platforms between 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST.

People are enjoying making these cards, and the BTS Army took these unique Butter Cards to the next level. They made a phrase by putting together a few words with individual cards, while some people made emojis of this card.

Do you want to Create Butter Card? Please scroll down to know how to create it.

How to Create Your Unique Butter Card?

BTS’s official website announced the launch of Butter, their Album, on May 21, 2021. Here are the steps to create it for yourself.

You will see the created butter card with your name on it. Users will have the option to save it on Spotify. Besides, they can pre-add this card on “Music.” If you are a BTS fan, you can Create Butter Card by following the steps mentioned above.

What Are The Most Famous Butter Cards?

Many people are creating Butter Cards and uploading them on social media platforms. The most well-liked cards are the following:

  • Party Party Yeah
  • BTS World Domination
  • UH HUH Listen Boy
  • Where Is Park Jimin
  • Where Is Good Boy Jimin
  • Actor Seokjin Coming Soon
  • Oreo McFlurry One Please
  • World Wide Hand Some
  • Don’t Forget To Stream. Are you creating your butter card? Check here to get more details. 

Final Verdict:

Are you a hardcore fan of BTS? Are you looking to Create Butter Card? This blog is for the BTS Fans who want to create their Butter Cards. 

We have also mentioned the steps above to create it and enjoy sharing it with people around the world through social media platforms. Please share views about our article at the end.

To know more about Butter Cards, watch this video for more information

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