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Cuela Gua Sha (June 2021) All About The Healing Therapy!

Cuela Gua Sha (June 2021) All About The Healing Therapy! >> Read the blog to learn about massage therapy that lets you heal your body problems through a stone.

How Many of you must be facing health-related issues or skin problem? This article is a must-read for everyone looking for some good natural and harmless therapy for the skin. 

The latest treatment we give is via a massage tool that enhances blood circulation and benefits the health issues.

Popular in the United States is this new fangle technique, a Chinese therapy known as Cuela Gua Sha.

What is Gua Sha?

The Gua Sha is a technique or therapy based on scrapping the skin and healing the health issues from your face. With the help of a massage tool, the technician gives small or long strokes on your face that causes an increase in blood circulation.

This practice is meant to enhance the stationary energy that causing numerous issues on your skin. This procedure can be used on the face, neck, arms and legs by gently rubbing on the applied part. The science behind this is very simple: rubbing the skin while applying oil and gently stroking the part set back the energy. 

The Cuela Gua Sha tool causes the inflammation to reduce, and thus skin heals rapidly in a natural form.

Benefits of Gua Sha

This therapy has many benefits when used for chronic diseases. The technique has benefited many people, and some examples are below: 

  • One applied on the face, this has enhanced the skin texture and made it smoother than before.
  • For cervical pain, this stone has worked like a miracle and has reduced the pain gradually.
  • For migraine pain, this stone has trustingly abridged the headache.
  • Many women have promoted their health when suffering from breast engorgement.

Cuela Gua Sha Side Effects

Rubbing a flat rose or a jade stone on the issued area gently rebuilds in its previous form. However, there are some side effects too using this tool:

  • Bruising on the skin caused by bursting of blood vessels.
  • Harsh pressure using the stone can cause pain and discomfort.
  • Cannot be used for patients whose surgery has been done recently.
  • Sometimes, the unprofessional, untrained technician causes more pain and bruises on the body.
  • People who are on some medications or taking blood thinners should get advice from the practitioners.

So, these are some of the side effects of Cuela Gua Sha that need to be considered. 

Closing Thoughts

This modern scraping method has been in the trend for correcting health issues, especially face area. From our research, we can say that this procedure has benefited many people around to give it a try but with utmost care and attention. But we request to approve this technique at their level and then go for this. Read more here about this therapy.

Which natural therapy do you prefer and why? Have you ever tried Cuela Gua Sha? Please let us know your feedback in the comments section below. Moreover, we would like to say that concerning this therapy, we have taken information from the sources and internet and we are not the subject’s authority. 

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