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Curveluu Reviews {Mar 2021} Know The Legitimacy Here

Curveluu Reviews {Mar 2021} Know The Legitimacy Here -> are you looking for summer dresses online at a discounted rate? Then check this Content out to have some idea!

Check out Curveluu Reviews in this Content. Today’s Content is all about the Curveluu Com website, its reviews, and other relevant details about this particular web store.

This online retail store delivers it’s products to the United States along with some other countries too. We can see lots of online shops that offer various dresses giving huge offers and discounts to people to attract buyers. 

In this situation, it’s normal to check website details to avoid any fraud and scam activities. So, let’s read about one of the websites that is Curveluu com details below!

What is Curveluu com?

We will discuss Is Curveluu Legit afterward, so first, let’s look at website details!

Curveluu is an online retail store of dresses, shoes, accessories, tops and many more clothing things. It is one of the universal leading retail webshops in the digital platform. You can search for numerous items in such a vast online segment and select the clothes with high-quality gratification.

Curveluu provides extraordinary services to its customers and provide high quality at a nominal cost. Their customized fashion buyer is having more than eight years of involvement in this industry; they are using there abilities and knowledge for spotting the trend of fashion, which helps them to come out with outstanding stuffs for there customer

Check out the Curveluu Reviews discussion below!

Specifications Of Curveluu Com:

  • Website type: e-commerce platform selling dresses at retailed price Globally 
  • Email address: service@curveluu.com
  • Shipping charges: free shipping on orders over dollar seventy-nine.
  • Returns Policy: Returns are accepted within fifteen days from the date of delivery 
  • Cancellation Policy: you can cancel your purchase within twenty-four hours.
  •  Refund policy: you can get a refund within fifteen business days.
  • Payment method: VISA, PayPal, DISCOVER, MasterCard 

Pros Of Curveluu Com:

  • Gives you a full refund 
  • Provides dresses at a discounted rate.
  • Free shipping over dollar seventy-nine

Cons Of Curveluu Com:

  • No contact information available 
  • Reviews of the website are unavailable 
  • The website trust score is one per cent 

Is Curveluu Legit?

Curveluu is an online webshop which ships dresses, shoes, tops and accessories Globally. This website is three months old and was registered on 21st November 2020. The webshop seems to give buyers vast choices and designs with discounts up to fifty per cent off.

The website seems to be satisfactory by its looks, policies and other necessary details given on the online page; it’s important to research other matters that affect the website legitimacy. Let’s study Curveluu webshop facts!

Curveluu is a very new webshop which has been launched three months ago.

The Curveluu Reviews are not good ones, neither it’s reviews are present in good numbers online. We think this must be due to the website newness.

The Curveluu has been ranked zero by Alexa, which implies that it is not popular among people. Further, the website trust score is one out of a hundred, and the aetrustscore.com site has recommended not to trust this online store.

The Curveluu store are inactive on social media platforms as we didn’t find any related pages of the store on Facebook and Instagram.

So the site is very suspecting for now!

What Are People Thoughts On Curveluu Reviews?

The Curveluu Com web store is registered on 21st November 2020 and is only three months old website. The store did not carry any proper feedbacks online about its policies and information by buyers.

It lacks popularity among people about its existence as it’s only three months old store. Further, we didn’t get any clue about a website on social sites too.

So at this point, Curveluu lacks customers response, and we need to give some more time to the web store to collect customers response and then we will get an exact answer on the legitimacy of Curveluu!


The website seems to be a legit one look wise, but when we tried to have in-depth details on the website nature, we found out that Curveluu Reviews are not present. 

Curveluu Com website undoubtedly displays a vast number of unique tops, dresses and other accessories generally for women’s at fifty per cent off.

But we cannot trust the web store, which is very new and has only one per cent trust score given by the online site. So it’s recommended to buyers to stay away from this type of web store until it receives enough positive feedback from buyers.

Do you have any idea about this Curveluu Com? Share your views below!

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