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Daytona Cheer Competition 2021 {Jan} Find What Happened!

In this post, we talked about Season 2 of the Netflix series Cheers and what happened in the Daytona Cheer Competition 2021.

Are you a fan of the award winning Netflix series Cheer? Have you heard that Netflix rolled out its second season? Would you want to know more? If so, tune into the post.

Netflix’s famous award winning documentary Cheer’s second season is here, and people Worldwide are excited about the series and want to learn more about what happened in the Daytona competition. So, in this post, we will talk about Daytona Cheer Competition 2021.

The plot of Cheers Season 2

Season 2 of Cheers is a nine-episode series that follows Navarro & TVCC on their two year road to Daytona Competition 2021 and their bid to be proclaimed national champions. Before shooting for Season 2, the two teams had been competitors ever since the 1990s, with Navarro winning 14 national titles while TVCC had 11.

TVCC’s will to win was irresistible this season during Cheer Daytona Competition 2021. They carried off dangerous tricks, were some of the greatest rookies on their squad, their choreographers and even some of the top tumblers on the team, notably Dee Joseph & Angel Rice. Who Won The Daytona Cheer Competition 2021?

Navarro did not win the 2021 Daytona competition. After a gruelling struggle that featured wounds, falls, incredible antics, and jaw-dropping plunges, they were overpowered by their adversaries Trinity Valley Community College.

Viewers may be surprised by Navarro’s loss, given the team’s history as the Top College Cheer Group. The difficulties of their growing prominence, Jerry Harris’ imprisonment, COVID-19, as well as the resignation of several of its top performing athletes from the squad were all well-documented by Netflix throughout the second season of the documentary.

Navarro fans across the globe undoubtedly hoped for a joyful conclusion with a triumph in the Daytona Cheer Competition 2021, but their opponents, TVCC, were hard on their heels and worked hard for the competition. So, they rightly won the championship.

The 2021 Daytona competition for first place was fierce. TVCC was penalised for a crash in the initial round. And then it was Navarro’s time to lose points after one trick went away in the final show.

The outcomes are likewise self-evident. Navarro had a score of 98.0708 to TVCC’s 98.2292. Navarro just lost to TVCC by just a few points, but for sure, it was TVCC’s determination throughout Season 2 that made them the winners of the Daytona Cheer Competition 2021.

What happened after the Daytona Competition 2021?

At the end of Season 2, La’Darius and Monica reunited. Khris Franklin has been appointed co-head coach after serving as the trainer of TVCC between 2011 and 2017 and as an assistant head coach to Johnson.

Finally, Jada Wooten said Navarro farewell and enrolled at Sam Houston State University and Gillian Rupert will continue for another semester, while Cassadee Dunlap has walked on to pursue her future.


Trinity Valley Community College Daytona Competition 2021 and Navarro loss has been a shock to many Cheer fans. Visit this News website   for more.

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