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Decko Wordle {May} Discover Answer, Hints To Puzzle!

This post will give you information about Decko Wordle. Read the full article to know more details of the puzzle answer.

Were you able to guess yesterday’s Wordle answer? What possible guesses did you try? Wordle craze is never going to fade. Players have to guess a mystery word each day. Sometimes the words are easy to guess, but sometimes it becomes very tricky to guess the word. Wordle #325 answer was quite tricky, and players Worldwide were assuming words like decko.

Let’s know about Decko Wordle.

What is Decko?

Wordle has garnered ultimate fans and fame all around the world. People from different corners of the world are curious to play this word game each day. Each day players have to guess a different word. Many players were confused over 10 May Wordle words. Most players had the only hint as EK.

“DECKO” was the most guessed word for yesterday’s Wordle. Unfortunately, Decko was not the answer. The answer of Wordle 325(10 May) was “GECKO”. These two words are slightly similar in pronunciation but have different meanings. There were more words that players tried, like Becks, Cracks etc.

What Does Decko Mean?

Decko means glance or a peek.Many people were confused about whether Decko was a meaningful word or not. In yesterday’s Wordle, the players were left with very few attempts and only two possible words, “Gecko” and “Decko”, were left.

After making several tries with CK words, only these two words were left. The answer was Gecko. People who guessed Decko were very close to the correct answer at the last attempt. Decko is a British word that means to look or have a glance. It can be used anywhere at the place of look.

Decko Wordle origin

Decko originated from the Indian word “Dekho”, which means to look. The British army had picked up numerous Indian words during their occupation in India. The Britishers often used the word. In the late 19th century, it became a British publication. The word is known as Dekko or Decko, which now means to look in the English language.

Most of the players were aware of the word Gecko, which means a lizard of small size. Players will enjoy more surprising words like decko in the Wordle game. Wordle is a delightful path to learn such vocabulary while playing. Decko Wordle was not a popular word earlier, but now many people are curious to know the meaning.


The article will give you brief details on the Decko word. Decko is a British word that originated from the Indian word Dekho. Decko means to look. We have explained the meaning of the word with an example. You will get all the details regarding the 10 May Wordle answer. The #325 Wordle’s answer was “Gecko”, which means a small lizard. Visit this link to know more about Wordle answer.  

What are your views on Decko Wordle? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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