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Dinosaur Adventure Drive Thru Reviews {August} Read Now

Dinosaur Adventure Drive Thru Reviews {August} Read Now -> Learn and enjoy the facts of dinosaurs while exploring a drive-thru event.

Are you inclined towards knowing the evolution of dinosaur? If you are a millennium, you must be a big fan of dinosaurs. We used to watch cartoons and documentaries on them. The kids from the recent generation are not much aware of the big reptiles. However, all of you can check-out our Dinosaur Adventure Drive Thru Reviews to know more. 

Like Disney Island, the United States also has a place dedicated to dinosaurs. It is equipped with different dinosaurs that we used to see in Jumanji movie, cartoons, pictures, etc. Let’s read the below information to understand the concept of this drive-thru.

What is Dinosaur Adventure Drive-Thru

The Dinosaur Adventure Drive-Thru is dedicated to the United States citizens. You can go there in your car, purchase the tickets, and enjoy the biggest dinosaurs. The children can enjoy their Sundays and vacations. Moreover, the drive-thru is giving competition to Disneyland. However, it is solely devoted to dinosaurs.

What activities can you enjoy

You cannot enjoy the activities while sitting in the car. Hence, you will need to park your vehicles and enroll yourself in the attractions mentioned below:

  • Crafts
  • Dino den
  • Dino dung
  • Dinosaur study
  • Fossil casting
  • Fossil dig
  • Jurassic jeeps
  • Large walking dinosaurs
  • Mining
  • Pre-historic playground
  • Sluice
  • Small walking dinosaurs

What can you enjoy

There are three options which you can select to spend your visit wisely:

  • Drive-thru
  • Audio-tour
  • Attractions

Specifications of Dinosaur Adventure Drive-Thru:

  • Ticket applicable for eight people in a vehicle
  • 40-80 dollars is the chargeable amount for a single car
  • Tickets to be bought online
  • It takes 45 mins to cover the entire Drive-Thru

Which Dinosaurs can you see there?

  • Velociraptor
  • 40-foot T-rex
  • Triceratops
  • 30-foot Brachiosaurus 
  • More 76 life-sized dinosaurs

How to buy tickets?

We are detailing the steps to buy tickets in our Dinosaur Adventure Drive Thru Reviews:

  • You need to visit the official website.
  • Check-out the available events
  • Browse your package according to your needs
  • Select a particular date or event to buy tickets
  • Fill out the necessary details.
  • Pay the amount for the vehicles.
  • Receive tickets on your email ID

Customer Feedback:

As per Dinosaur Adventure Drive Thru Reviews, we see the events are open from August to September 2020. The users have multiple options to visit a life-sized dinosaur event anytime they want. Besides, many have already visited the adventure land with their children and friends. They are delighted with the ticket prices and overall experience.

They only pay for a vehicle and can accommodate around eight people. There are attractions that they enjoy and learn about historical elements. 

Final Words:

Dinosaur Adventure Drive Thru Reviews is ending with a positive note. No production house or company has ever created something like Drive-Thru event. Besides, the children get the opportunity to learn about fossils and dinosaurs. It is worth going there. Please share your love of dinosaurs in our article. We are waiting for your stories!

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