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DMV Driving Refund (April 2021) Get Informed Here!

DMV Driving Refund (April 2021) Get Informed Here! >> The write-up shares details about processes to request the refund with the department of motor vehicles.

Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV is the state-level government agency in the United States that focuses on administering driver licensing and vehicle registration. It also has different areas of functioning for the residents of America. 

For example, if anyone paid a fee which they don’t have to pay or accidentally paid the incorrect fee can request a refund from DMV. The process for requesting the refund is shared below for your assistance. 

DMV issues refund for incorrect fee payments and others. However, applicants need to understand the entire process to request DMV Driving Refund on the portal of the government agency.      

Who are Eligible for DMV Refund?

Residents in the United States can request a refund of the penalties or fees assessed in error, excessive or illegally due as provided under CVC 42231 or CRTC 10901. Below are some of the circumstances that make you qualify for the DMV refunds.  

  • The license or registration renewal fee was paid after selling the vehicle 
  • The registered car was salvaged, junked, wrecked or stolen before the first date of the registration 
  • If you are the non-resident spouse or non-resident military personnel who paid the license fee by mistake
  • The vehicle left the state of registration before the registration period started

Things to Remember Before Requesting for DMV Driving Refund

Before you apply for the driving refund with DMV, you have to keep certain things in mind to make your request get instant approval. Below are some crucial factors to keep in mind.

  • Before applying for the driving refund, applicants must ensure that they have canceled the registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles. 
  • Cancellation of the registration with DMV is an online service that can be done online via the official portal
  • You have to choose the cancel registration option and cancel it online to become eligible for the DMV Driving Refund
  • You have to ensure that 365 days are left on your registration to be eligible for the refund
  • The driving refund can’t be instigated via phone, and the refund request must be submitted before the expiration of the canceled registration       

How to Cancel Registration and Request Refund?


  • All applicants are required to process the refund after downloading the refund form or Form F-82
  • Please print out the refund form and fill it with the correct information
  • Once your form is filled with correct information, you have to send the form to the following address, Department of Motor Vehicles, 60 State Street, Wethersfield, CT 06161-1022  


The applicant may also request a DMV Driving Refund online directly from the official website of DMV.

  • Ensure that you have your driver license number with you
  • Know the date when you paid the fee, the location where you paid, and the payment method used   
  • Follow the online instructions and fill the forms correctly to request the refund successfully


You have to visit any local DMV hub in your state or the Limited Service Office and request the refund by filling the refund form in person. 


There are many instances where you are assessed wrongly or charged excessively for your driver’s license or registration fees. So, in such a case, you become eligible for the DMV Driving Refund, especially if you know the processes.

Have you ever charged excessively? Did you request a refund? Please share your opinion and experiences in the comment section.

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