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Does David Baszucki Have a Daughter (Jan) Check Here!

Does David Baszucki Have a Daughter (Jan) Check Here! >> Please read the article below the write-up shares details about the famous game creator and his daughters.  

David Baszucki is the famous entrepreneur and the man behind the company Knowledge Revolution. David also served as the VC in Microsoft Software. Presently, David is famous for creating and leading the gaming platform Roblox, a multiplayer game creation platform. 

David is settled in the Bay Area, CA and he is married to Jan Ellison, and he had four children. He is blessed with three daughters and one son, and the names of his children are not revealed. He loves to keep the personal life secret from the world. 

Many followers from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom want to know Does David Baszucki Have a Daughter?      

Who is David Baszucki?

David Baszucki is the famous American engineer, entrepreneur and inventor. He worked as the Vice President in Microsoft Software, and later, he resigned to follow his dream of becoming a game creator. He is serving as the CEO and co-founder of Roblox, the famous multiplayer online game creation platform. 

David Baszuck is also famous for his Roblox username, Builderman. He was born on 20th Jan 1963 in Canada, and later, he relocated to the USA, holding dual citizenship. He is the Stanford University alumni, from where he secured the degree in Engineering & Computer Science. All his fans now want to know Who is David Baszucki Daughter and what her name is. 

Talking about his family, David is married to Jan Ellison, the bestselling author in USA Today. David and Ellison is blessed with four kids, of which three are daughters and one son. The couple decided to keep the personal life secret from the world, and hence they have not shared the name of their daughters and son with the world. 

David and his wife want to keep their family history and personal life clandestine, and hence we have no information regarding the names of his daughter and son.

Does David Baszucki Have a Daughter, and What is Her Name?

Yes, David Baszucki has three daughters and a son. He is married to Jan Ellison, and they were blessed with four kids.

David and his family live in San Francisco Bay Area, and he never revealed the name of his daughter or son. David usually prefers keeping his personal life secretive. So, there is no information available related to his personal life and the name of the daughters and son.

How Many Daughters David Have?

As per the reports, David has three daughters and one son. However, the names of his daughter or son are not publicized as he prefers keeping the names of the daughters and son secretive. So, we have no details regarding the name of his kids. None of his fans and followers knows Who is David Baszucki Daughter.


David Baszucki is the famous game developer and the man behind the famous gaming platform Roblox. David prefers to stay away from media, and hence you won’t find any details regarding his personal life and kids.

After evaluating online, we have found the name of his wife and career and nothing about his daughter or son. The couple has not shared the daughter’s names, and we have found that the couple is blessed with four kids. 

So, the answer to the question Does David Baszucki Have a Daughter is affirmative as they have three daughters and one son.  

Do you have any information related to his daughter? Please share it in the comment section.

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