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Dr Stella Immanuel Reviews {July 2020} Checkout Here!

Dr Stella Immanuel Reviews {July 2020} Checkout Here! >> This article helps to understand the more about Dr Stella Immanuel.

Dr Stella Immanuel, she is a controversial Cameroonian physician who says that hydroxychloroquine is functional medicine. 

She also believes that masks used to cover mouth and nose are not essential to stop the coronavirus spread. Soon giving this statement, she became popular on the internet.

Dr Stella, who started her career at the Pediatric Clinic in Louisiana, soon managed to gather many views on Facebook from the subscribers living in the United States, Canada, Australia.

Dr Stella Immanuel Reviews will help you know more about the doctor and how she became a celebrity within a shorter period.

Dr Stella Immanuel, MD, is a famous Pediatric Medicine Specialist located in LA. She is presently working with Lasalle General Hospital. Patients who want her assistance can call her to schedule an appointment with her.

Who is Dr Stella Immanuel?

Dr Stella Immanuel – a well-known pediatrician, has been known to make several strange claims in the past. In the past as well, she made out-of-the-box claims related to several topics related to medical. According to her, many gynecological problems happen with people who do sex while dreaming.

A recent video posted by Dr Stella Immanuel went viral, where this doctor claimed that there is no need to fear coronavirus. This virus has killed more than 150,000 people in the United States alone and more than 650,000.

The statement made by Dr Stella Immanuel that this virus has a cure named hydroxychloroquine, which includes zinc and Zithromax, went viral immediately. Dr Immanuel made these remarks and many other doctors in front of the US Supreme Court building. Now you must check Dr Stella Immanuel Reviews.

Key Points to note about Dr Stella Immanuel:

  • She is a famous pediatrician 
  • She was interested in becoming a doctor from the age of 4.
  • Immanuel started her career at the Pediatric Clinic, Louisiana.
  • She remains in the limelight for spreading the wrong and harmful medical advices.
  • The medical claims that Dr Stella sometimes use a combination of her spiritual beliefs.
  • Immanuel’s daughter is studying degree of nutrition and public health.
  • Recently, she claimed that she had cured more than 350 COVID-19 patients at her clinic.
  • Her statement immediately went viral.
  • Dr Stella Immanuel obtained her medical degree from a college in Nigeria.

Why this story matters to the U.S.A.?

Dr Stella Immanuel Reviews, alleges that DNA is currently used numerous medical treatments, and many scientists are preparing a vaccine to stop people from being religious. She had made many statements in the past as well, which immediately went viral.

Regarding treating the COVID-19 patients, she said that she successfully cured numerous patients by giving hydroxychloroquine. 

Personal Life of Dr Stella Immanuel:

Dr Stella Immanuel – well known leading physician having a clinic in Texas. She runs a clinic there.

Born in Cameroon, Dr Stella Immanuel completed her graduation in medicine in Nigeria. Immanuel presented her views for a few people of a Houston networking company for women physicians plan to take away her medical license because she supported hydroxychloroquine.

Though it is not clear whether someone tries to take her medical license, most of them are ridiculous if we consider her past medical claims.

Public views on Dr Stella Immanuel Reviews:

The people across many countries liked listening to Dr Stella Immanuel’s speeches and opinions.

In several videos posted by her, Immanuel presents that medical problems such as endometriosis, impotence, etc. mainly arise from sex with spirits.

According to her – it is a natural phenomenon where people get involved in doing sex with witches and demons in their dreams.

Her theories and opinion always remain in the limelight among the people. Lots of people registered on social networking sites listen to her opinion and videos.


After going through the public opinions, Dr Stella Immanuel Reviews and statements made by Dr Stella Immanuel, we can say that she is amongst the famous personalities of the United States, Canada, and Australia.

All of her YouTube videos, speeches, etc. disclose her personality and the way she thinks. Also, many YouTube talks about her career, passion, hobbies, experience, etc. 

According to many patients, Dr Stella Immanuel communicates through an email and helps to solve their queries. But many said that the doctor doesn’t take weekend appointments. 

However, her recent and many past videos on social networking sites were down due to promoting the wrong coronavirus cures.

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