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Dragon Boat Festival Wellington 2021 (June) Find More!

Dragon Boat Festival Wellington 2021 (June) Find More! >> The article talks about the popular festival that is celebrated with immense pomp and show.

Everyone likes adventure, and what can be the best time to put it into practice through festivals. Across the world, people follow different calendar systems which take into consideration either the lunar months or the solar months. Based on the significance it draws forms the base for celebrations.

Dragon Boat Festival Wellington 2021 is one such occasion that is celebrated in the lunisolar calendar. It is celebrated across China, New Zealand and Australia. However, herein it looks if the occasion falls on the same day or are celebrated differently. So, please stay hooked to the screen and read the coming sections.

What is Dragon Boat Festival?

First, we would like to acquaint our readers to what exactly is a Dragon Boat Festival? To begin with, it is a traditional festival that is more prominent in Chinese. The Dragon Boat Festival Wellington 2021 was celebrated on February – March 2021. On the other side, it is celebrated during the lunisolar month as per the Chinese calendar but tends to change every year based on the Gregorian calendar.

Why is the Dragon Boat Festival celebrated in China?

As per the tales, the fifth month of the lunisolar calendar of China is considered to be unlucky, which is filled with illnesses and facing many natural disasters. Thence, people tend to put Artemisia, Calamus, Pomegranate flowers, garlic, etc., outside their doors to ward off evil.

When was Dragon Boat Festival Wellington 2021 held?

The same was celebrated as the Dragon Boat Festival in Wellington during February and March. Below is a gist of the different occasions during the festival, which are as follows:

  • Harbour Fun Day: This day includes fun racing held on the 20th of February, 2021. It commences on the first day of the festival. After this day, starts the actual Wellington Dragon Boat Festival.
  • 06th March 2021: It included 300m boat racing for adults.
  • 07th March 2021: It included 300m boat racing for youth.

The festival witnessed over 40 adult teams and 30+ schools from Australia and Aotearoa participating in the race.

Significance of Dragon Boat Festival Wellington 2021

The dragon boat racing in Wellington is similar to the one conducted in China during the fifth day of the fifth month, which in 2021 falls on 14 June.

The Dragon boat race in the country signifies a dynamic sport known to survive the rise and fall of corporate team building activities. Apart from being a great sport, it also proves to be a great fitness program that the festival emphasizes.

Final Conclusion

In China, the Dragon Boat Festival is declared a public holiday wherein people indulge in boat racing activities to keep evil away. The Dragon Boat Festival Wellington 2021 is designed in a similar ground that is considered a great activity that helps build strength and physical health. Please read more about Dragon Boat Festival at the link here.

What do you like about the dragon boat festival? Please share with us your thoughts and opinions in the comments box below.

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