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Duel Links Photon Deck (Feb 2021) Explore the Platform!

Duel Links Photon Deck (Feb 2021) Explore the Platform! >> This article will give you the details of a recently searched game on its occasion of 3rd anniversary and will explore some related facts of the same.

Are you also fond of card games and looking for a perfect platform to try out your luck?

If yes, this article will give you the details of one such platform dealing with the same properties you are looking for. According to the player’s interest, there are many applications and websites available for these games, but all of them offer different roles and rules. 

Scroll down this post to know about Duel Links Photon Deckan application developed in Japan, and released in rest of the world including Italy, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Like all the other applications, it also has it set of rules and decided deck of cards which a player can opt for. Do give this article a read to know more about this platform. 

Information about Duel Links:

Japan is the hub of online games and applications, and most of the games are developed there only. Duel links is also one of the kind. It is a digital collectable card game and is free to play. This means that it can be accessed by many without any payment terms and conditions.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is also searched as Duel Links Photon Deck. It can be accessed through Microsoft, iOS and Android Platforms, and falls under the Digital Collectible Card Game Strategy Game.

Its beta version was released on 17th January 2016 in Japan, and the original version for the rest of the world was released on 11th January 2017. The version for windows platform was thus released on 17th November 2017. 

Details about the Characters:

The game features playable characters from the series of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters.

The game offers some missions and in-game events to unlock the characters. It consists of the playable characters from the original series of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5DS.

All these series have many characters, which all are available for Duel Links Photon Deck

Rules and Procedures of the Game:

Speed Duels format is used in the game which follows the rules and regulations of Trading card Game and some modifications. 

In this game, each player is offered the following items required for their in-game survival. Also, we have mentioned the details of the modifications done from the Trading card Game.

  • The players are offered 4000 Life points. 
  • Five trap zones are provided in the game.
  • The size of the main deck is limited to 20-30 cards.
  • Duel Links Photon Deck do not provide the main phase 2. 

These are some of the points; many other changes are done in the game to make it a different platform from Trading card Game.

Some of the Good decks of the game includes:

  1. Dark magician,
  2. Cyber Dragon,
  3. Shiranui,
  4. Black Wings,
  5. Invoked Elementsabers.

Final Verdict:

In this article, you explored a digital card game developed by Konami, Konami Digital Entertainment. 

Duel Links Photon Deck was recently most searched also because of its third anniversary on 12th January. It also offered it, players, a copy of Ra Winged Dragon on the anniversary occasion. It also includes gems card tickets, and brand-new arts. 

Which card game are you often a player of, or which other similar game have you found more interesting? Please share it in the comments section given below. 

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