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Dungared Website Review [May] First Read Then Buy?

Dungared Website Review [May] First Read Then Buy? -> If you have been searching for quirky plates, then you must give this post a read.

Are you on the lookout for some Souvenir plates in the market? Then you will surely like Dungared Website. 

We all have hopelessly searched for the perfect gift for friends and family alike. A website that has it all, from clothing to some mantelpieces and other decorative items. They make the job of the gift purchaser much easier.

Dungared Website Review aims to review a new site that seems to be selling some original products for the homes as well as some fashion chic clothing. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. 

The site is developed in the United Stateand its products will remind you of Boho-Chic interiors from infamous tv shows.

Before you step out and make purchases from the site, make sure you read the below pointers carefully. They will help you in finding out if the Dungared website is legit or not. 

What is Dungared? 

The Dungared website is an online store that is currently offering beauty products, hair accessories, home gifts, and select clothing pieces. They offer a mix of products to ensure a variety of offers, and there is something for every customer. 

The Dungared Website has an about us section talks about the brand being passionate about the products they are selling. They have a complete “contact us” part, and you can reach out to them on the email id or phone number in case of queries. 

However, the site was set up roughly a month back. It often raises red flags, and a lot of the information on the website borrows from already existing ones. 

Why is the Dungared website unique? 

Numerous sites sell fresh products that could catch a customer’s eye. The same applies to this site as well. Their home gifts section will have you gripped. They offer some exciting mugs, block print spoons, bento boxes, printed plates, and so much more. 

If you are a fan of Marimekko prints, you will love what the Dungared online store offers. Especially the serving plates and trays in the Home gift section. The prices of the products are a little expensive, the starting price is $75 and will go up to $104. 

But! That does not change the fact that the products are incredibly innovative and worth considering whether you wish to gift them to somebody or get them for yourself. 

Specifications of Dungared website 

  • Product- Clothing, hair accessories, home gifts, beauty gifts 
  • Website- https://www.dungared.top/ 
  • Email- dungared@outlook.com
  • Contact number- +12563695004
  • Delivery time- 3-5 days or 7-10 days in case of more substantial items
  • Shipping fee- Free delivery on delivery between 7-10 days
  • Exchange- unclear 
  • Returns- within 30 days of the date of dispatch
  • Refunds- are made as soon as the brand receives the returned product.
  • Payment- accepts master cards, visa cards, PayPal, American Express, stripe, Discover, etc. 

Pros of purchasing from Dungared website 

  • Provides worldwide delivery of products 
  • Multiple modes of online payment can are allowed
  • You can reach out to them via the phone number or email id in case of queries 
  • The site has an SSL certificate; this ensures secure payment 
  • Large selection guaranteeing something for everybody 
  • Products are innovative 

Cons of purchasing from Dungared website 

  • Information provided on the shipping, refunds as well as other details are like sites that already exist 
  • The clothing too seems to be similar
  • Clicking on its social media icons will redirect you to the brands home page 
  • It made a month ago; this is not a good sign 
  • Customer feedback regarding products is not available 

Customer Feedback of Dungared Website

Reading the pros and cons mentioned above will tell you that while the site succeeds in providing transparency to customers. It also builds suspicion by vaguely coping with the details from some places that are already up and running. 

Over the years, the customer has become more and more conscious regarding these sites. So, a brand must put in the effort to ensure originality with its content and product. 

Final Verdict- 

Overall, the Dungared website seems to put forth a legit front. The contact details, shipping as well as other information are complete. Also, the site has an SSL certificate; this certificate usually keeps your data encoded. So, you may choose to make purchases from the site!

But, as mentioned in the cons section, the site shares similarities with numerous sites, so you must be cautious. 

0 thoughts on “Dungared Website Review [May] First Read Then Buy?

  1. Ordered a table 05/18/20 , and payment of $54.75 was taken out of my checking acct. 05/27/20 and have not received the table as of 06/15/20. I would like a refund put back into my account for $54.75.

  2. I ,purchased a microwave cart from this company about a month ago an havent received it yet this website is a scam

  3. I ordered a kitchen island the 1st of may for 66.80, they shipped 3 covid masks to me..I’ve asked for a refund 3 times, they keep saying they resent the right order, the second order apparently got lost in my hometown, now they said they resent it a 3rd time and the tracking number is bad according to EMS..Never buy from this company!!! I’m out 67.00 and yet they wont refund my money or give me the product….I alerted the BBB and other soc media sites it’s a scam

  4. I ordered a kitchen island 66.80 in may they sent 3 covid masks, then they said they would resend the right product and it somehow got lost in my hometown, so they asked me if the could resend it, I asked for my money back and still no reply!!! The BBB and all social media site need to alert to this scam…Beware!!!!

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