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Eipcard Com Scam {Jan 2021} Read Facts About EIP Card!

Eipcard Com Scam {Jan 2021} Read Facts About EIP Card! >> Relief card is for stimulus payment! – Is the card safe to use? – This article will tell about it.

Are you worried about the EIP card? Is Eipcard Com Scam? – In this blog, we will discover everything about EIP cards.

What the EIP card is! Is everyone receiving it! – These are common queries of citizens in the United States, who has received EIP card.

We will be going to discuss, about the card, the activation process, its legitimacy, etc. So, look over the rest sections.

What is the Economic Impact Payment Card?

EIP card or Economic Impact Payment card is the Visa debit card sending by the Treasury Bureau of the US department. It includes money, which you will receive under the Coronavirus aid Relief and CARES act or Covid-19 related ‘Tax Relief Act’ of 2020.

Following Eipcard Com Scam, what is the activation procedure?

On its official site, complete detail of activation methods has been given. The activation process possesses few steps that involve-

Step 1: After getting the card, read the entire agreement of the cardholder & payment schedule.

Step2: Set 4 digits PIN as you want and activate the EIP by contacting the 1.800.240.8100 number and get the balance.

Step 3: Sign the debit card.

How can you use an EIP card?

  • EIP card is a visa debit card since you can use it in any departmental stores where a visa card is accepted. You can purchase grocery items, lifestyle products, etc., very smoothly. Put the card into the card reader and enter your 4-digit PIN, and you are done. Following Eipcard Com Scam, the process may differ from shop to shop.
  • If you are thinking about online buying, then it is also convenient with the EIP card. While making payment, enter the 16 digit account number and expiry date of the EIP card and make payment. Keep in mind that you need to use the same billing address of the EIP card for purchasing.
  • If you are wondering to withdraw cash from EIP, then it can also be done. Withdraw cash by putting the PIN in the ATM. The daily withdrawal limit is 1000$.
  • You can transfer money from EIP to any account. Register with the mobile application or EIPCard.com; click the ‘Move Money Out’ option and follow the next steps. Your transfer will be deposited within 1- 2 business days.

Is Eipcard Com Scam?

After receiving Covid-19 fund as an EIP card instead of bank transfer or mail-check, Americans are worried what if the card, including e-site, is part of a scam. From sources, it is revealed that the United States Department Treasury Bureau is sending this card, which has an individual’s Coronavirus relief funds.

On the EIP site, they also mentioned citizens in the United States, receiving this, are eligible for a stimulus payment, and the IRS-department did not possess information about your bank account. Moreover, the legit EIP will remain in a white envelope, displaying US Treasury Seal.


EIP debit card is trustable and can be used for several purposes. If you lost the card or somehow destroyed it, call customer care for further assistance. Following Eipcard Com Scam, make sure not to share information with anyone and be aware of scam calls related to EIP.

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6 thoughts on “Eipcard Com Scam {Jan 2021} Read Facts About EIP Card!

  1. I have received my Epicard but my husband has not Both of us received the stimulus checks last year so he should be eligible for an Epicard too. What do we need to do?

  2. I can’t use my card! all i get is a run a round trying to get a pin number! I don’t have a phone that texts! why didn’t they send a check like last time!

  3. Diverted to fraudulent tech., at 800-240-8100. Missing 150.00 that says its pending but when went back to business they refunded 2/6/21. tried several locations to get money off card but only manage to get fee no 150.00. Techs. not Government workers, or a working educated class individual. U.S. Goverment should not re new contract due to fraudulent returns being with held. denied. Accruing fees due to they’re lack of A/P training.

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    1. Hi Barbara! Thanks for sharing honest and valuable feedback based on your experience with our other readers. This will certainly be a guide for them. Stay updated with us.

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