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Error 382 Bancolombia {Jan} Review About Error

Error 382 Bancolombia {Jan} Review About Error ->  Read the content to know the Information and Review of Customer experiences with Bank’s virtual saving apps by the Bank.

Are you saving your hard-earned money in the right banks and financial institutions? Today’s news writing is about Colombia one of the financial service institutions, Bancolombia, that is in the news because of the Bank saving app issue. The internet is raged with reviews’ Error 382 Bancolombia all over. Continue reading to understand better.

What is BanColombia?

Bancolombia is a financial services institution found in 1945 with headquarters at Medellin, Colombia. Currently, Juan Carlos Mora Uribe is the chairman and CEO.

The Bank governs its operation in nine key areas: Insurance, Brokerage, Banking Colombia, Off Shore, Trust, Pension, Banking El Salvador, Investment, and all other segments. It offers a varied range of banking products and services to its corporate customer base and different individuals throughout Colombia and others, including Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Panama, the Cayman Islands, Guatemala, and Peru.

Error 382 Bancolombia?

While using the banking services app, this error is faced by many users. The error abruptly pops up when one tries to use virtual services such as bank to bank transfers within the same Bank.

The Bank is aware of the issue and recommends using the app later since the app is undergoing updates or facing server and connectivity issues. 

However, this seems to have never worked. The users have reported the issue to the Bank multiple times, but they have not been provided with a feasible solution. The completer service is very disappointing.

What are the reviews online?

Upon our research, we came across numerous reviews online on many platforms. The thoughts shared by users were highly dissatisfied. The customers are experiencing delayed/no service, and money blocked are the main issues, including the Error 382 Bancolombia, ATM frauds, problems with account registration, and no banks’ response. None of the complaints are taken seriously by the banks they all remain unattended and unresolved.

Also, we came across customers who experienced huge fraud, lost money, and filed a lawsuit/case against the Bank to justify itself and recover the losses.

Final verdict

Well, as per the above review, we can say that the Bank is not trustable and safe.The customer service provided is just for namesake and extremely disappointing.

Error 382 Bancolombia is one of the many issues on the long list by customers. Issues with the banking office, virtual app fraud, ATM fraud, money swindle, and many such cases are filed against the Bank.

Customers are seeking solutions and justice at the same time as they have no help from the Bank and their money is trapped.

Therefore we see more than 80 percent of grievances and objections all over the internet. We would not recommend this Bank’s services.

Have you experienced any such issues with the Bank and it’s services? Did you get a solution to Error 382 Bancolombia? Do share your answers and opinion in the comment section below.

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