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Everlasting Moonglow Genshin {Sep} Get Weapon Detail!

This article will go through the Everlasting Moonglow Genshin weapon and its special abilities information.

Are you also a traveler in the very famous Worldwide video game of the Genshin Impact, and want to know everything related to the new updates of the game regarding the new characters and new weapons in the game, then don’t worry, friend, because in this article we are going to share with you one of the new weapons that will be launched in this game.

Everlasting Moonglow Genshin is the new weapon that we will be reading about in this article, so read this article until the end if you want to know everything about this new weapon on the impact game.

What Is Everlasting Moonglow Weapon?

It is one of the new weapons that will be launched in the new update of genshin impact 2.2 in September 2021. This weapon comes with different levels and consists of various abilities at different levels. In the following article, we will read in detail about this new weapon of the genshin impact game.

Additional Details About Everlasting Moonglow Genshin :

This weapon is considered to be a five-star catalyst weapon that is especially used by the kokmi in the impact game, this weapon helps her in boosting all her special abilities by a heavy hp sub stat, and it also helps in increasing the bonus of healing for her, by which she can support her team in the best possible way. 

There are various effects of using this weapon, like it can increase the bonus of healing by ten percent and increases the attack rate of DMG by one percent.

Special Abilities Of Moonglow:

There are five different levels of abilities in the Everlasting Moonglow Genshin weapon. Let’s go through all these abilities.

Ability 1- helps increase the healing bonus by ten percent. Every normal attack will be able to restore 0.6 amounts of energy every second.

Ability 2- helps in increasing the healing bonus by twelve-point five percent, increases the rate of normal DMG attack by 1.5 percent, and the same amount of 0.6 energy will be restored in one second.

Ability 3 helps increase the healing bonus by fifteen percent and the rate of DMG attack by two percent, and the same amount of energy will be restored at this level.

Ability 4- in the fourth ability level, the Everlasting Moonglow Genshin helps increase the healing bonus by 17.5 percent, and the rate of DMG attack in this level is 2.5 percent. This stage also restores the same amount of energy.

Ability 5- in this maximum ability level, the healing bonus is increased by 20 percent. It increases DMG attacks by three percent and helps restore the same amount of energy in one second.


In this article, we will read about the new weapon of the 2.2 impact game, Is the Everlasting Moonglow Genshin weapon. We have discussed all the relevant details and the special abilities of this weapon in this article.

Have you ever played Genshin Impact? If yes, then comment down about your favorite weapon.

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