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Ez Cool Breeze Reviews [July] – Is it legit or scam?

Ez Cool Breeze Reviews [July] – Is it legit or scam? -> In this article, you will find out everything about a website that sells portable air conditioners. 

Are you searching for a portable AC? Then you must definitely read this article about Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner.

In this article, you will read one of the most detailed Ez Cool Breeze Review on the internet. It is the best product for the campers of the United States.

However, Is Ez Cool Breeze Legit? Is it perfect for all places? Does it cool the air efficiently? 

We will be answering all of these questions in this article. So read the article to find out if the product is suitable for you and how to Get up to 50% OFF if you order now.

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What Is Ez Cool Breeze?

This incredible machine is a combination of an air conditioner, a humidifier, and an air purifier. It is currently available at an Exclusive Offer 50% Discount.

It works on the principle of evaporation. Therefore, it is energy efficient and does not consume a lot of power. So you won’t have to worry about seeing a high increase in your electricity bills. 

Since Ez Cool Breeze uses the principle of water evaporation to cool the air, it is eco friendly and does not cause any harm to your family and the environment. It can also be carried and used both outdoors and indoors.

Who is this for?

Air conditioning has become affordable and accessible for people who are looking for reasonable solutions to fight the increasing heat waves in the atmosphere.

Ez Cool Breeze reduces electricity bills by utilizing less energy. Additionally, it is very easy to clean and needs only tap water for proper functioning. So order now and get an Exclusive Offer 50% Discount.

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Pros Of Buying Ez Cool Breeze:

  • It is a powerful portable device and can be carried on long trips. 
  • It is perfect for people who wants to use a combination of air purifier, cooler, and humidifier.
  • It uses a very low amount of electricity to operate
  • It comes with a Satisfaction Guarantee
  • It is small and lightweight
  • It does not make any noise
  • The product has Limited Stock Available With Free Shipping

Specifications Of Ez Cool Breeze:

  • Product: Portable Air Conditioner and Cooler
  • Email: support@zerobreeze.com
  • Portable due to compact and ergonomic design
  • It comes with three fan speeds and adjustable air vents.
  • Easy to use
  • The water tank lasts up to 10 hours.
  • Easy charging using Type-C cable
  • It is environment-friendly and freon-free.
  • It consists of an LED night light.
  • It acts as an air purifier and humidifier.
  • It is no-noise in its functioning.

How does the Ez Cool Breeze work?

The product uses a silent fan and filters to keep the atmosphere clean and cool by deploying the principle of Thermoelectric Cooling. It uses two plates; one to retain the room temperature and the other to cool the air within 30 seconds.

It functions by using low energy power and is the best solution for spaces like offices, homes, terraces, balconies, etc. This is accomplished with the help of Advanced Proximity Motion Sensor that reduces your electricity bill. It turns the unit off automatically when not in use.

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Buy Click DodbuzzHow to use Ez Cool Breeze?

It is simple and easy to use as follows: 

  • Firstly, pour the water into the water tank. 
  • Now, switch on the Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner to enjoy its cooling effects.

Why is Ez Cool Breeze Better than Other AC’s?

This product is pocket-friendly and not expensive, like the other AC’s in the market. It is easy to clean and prevents hazardous health problems due to unclean air.

It is freon-free and eco-friendly. Also, it does not use any chemicals to function. So stop waiting as there is Limited Stock Available With Free Shipping. Book the product now to avail of its benefits.

What Are People Saying About Ez Cool Breeze?

There is a plethora of Ez Cool Breeze Review on the internet. However, there are many positive reviews from the customers who have bought and used the product in real life. 

Bill says that the product is comfortable to carry, and comes with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. The fantastic results made him buy the same for his brother as well.

Martha says that the other portable Air Conditioners have limited portability. However, the Ez Cool Breeze AC Conditioner is lightweight and compact. Therefore, she could carry it anywhere on her camping trip.

One of the health-conscious customers, Stuart, who regularly exercises in hot summer find this product beneficial as it provides him with an immediate cooling effect. He is happy with the air purifier and humidifier functions of the product as well.

Overall, the delighted customers are all praises about the advantages of this product and how it makes the lives of their loved ones better and healthier.

Ez Cool Breeze where to buy

Where to buy Ez Cool Breeze?

The product is sold all over the United States, but it is advantageous to buy it from the official website and avail exclusive offers and discounts. The product comes with Satisfaction Guarantee, in case customers are unhappy with the product.


  • Is Ez Cool Breeze Chargeable?

Yes, Type-C Charging cable keeps the product powered-up and easy to use wherever you go.

  • Is it possible to use Ez Cool Breeze in the dark or at night time?

The Ez Cool Breeze comes with a built-in controllable and energy-efficient LED night light. Hence, it can be used during the night time on any road trip, etc.

  • How noisy is Ez Cool Breeze?

Ez Cool Breeze works with quiet control operation and will never disturb reading, sleeping or meditating. Therefore, it is a great replacement for other noisy AC’s in the market.

  • Is it suitable for kids?

The Ez Cool Breeze Air Conditioner comes with freon-free technology and does not use any chemicals to clean the surrounding air. This makes a suitable product for all the family members, especially kids.

  • Is it cordless and easy to carry?

The AC comes with an attached carrying handle to move it anywhere you go, and it is completely cordless. The charging lasts for hours. Thus, it can be easily carried from one room to another.

Final Verdict:

The positive Ez Cool Breeze Review has gained customer’s trust or authority although it started just a month ago. It is impossible for companies to gain trust in a short amount of time.

The product of this company is incredible and the company is improving its business methods to gain success. The reliable service and high-quality have increased brand loyalty, and they are visiting the site for repeated offers.

The Ez Cool Breeze is perfect for people in need of affordable solutions. It helps to avoid any health diseases and is pocket-friendly. The variable fan speeds and motion sensor reduces the heating in summers and automatically saves energy by switching off the unit when it is not in use.

In conclusion, we would like to recommend the product to all our readers and suggest you give it a try. Book now to Get up to 50% OFF and avail other exclusive offers!

Share your experiences or queries in the comment section.

0 thoughts on “Ez Cool Breeze Reviews [July] – Is it legit or scam?

  1. If the temperature is taken in the air flow it is not legitimate.
    The temperature must be recorded at a distant point behind
    the unit in order to determine the true ambient room temperature.
    This is not a new concept. For many years people have been using
    fans and water or ice.
    This is not an AC unit. I don’t believe it can lower the ambient temperature.
    Aside from the xtra features like LED light and USB port how is it different
    than any other fan forcing air over water or ice?
    The price is absurd!

    1. We are sitting here to assist you..! we hear you about the item quality… kindly check the official website and drop your complaint about their… thank you

  2. Joe is correct. Water coolers have been around for at least 75 years and can help in dry climates. You will still see them in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. They do not produce chilled air like the air conditioner we think of; but they can cause a cooling effect. This unit is VERY small and may not be large enough to do anything.

  3. I ordered on June 28. Said they’d send a tracking order. Have received nothing. Beginning to feel scammed.

    1. I ordered it on the 28th of June too. After several emails to Valarie (who kept making promises that it would be sent the next day, the next day after or this weekend)I had left several messages for their award-winning customer service team who never called back. I had to threaten if I do not have the product I want my money back. Finally, I received it on July 22nd. The product is not like the advertisement on YouTube. It doesn’t cool the room in 6 mins. Bad advertising, and a scam.

    2. The same here; is there some way to get our money back. Was supposed to be sent out today after a three week wait and want money back; feel scammed.

  4. I ordered the unit on the 7th of July and haven’t received it yet this a total it doesn’t take 13 days to go from New York to Washington pa I believe this is a total scam nice going you fricking bunch of thieves!!!!!

  5. I ordered one on 7-6-20 and have received nothing! The phone is useless as no one picks up. The shoptrendynow website is also useless as the contact button does not work! ‘m feeling scammed too!I

  6. Thank you all for taking the time to warn people like me. I saw their ad on fb and sounded so convincing. Im glad i took the time to read the reviews about this product before placing an order. It saves a lot of time to do a lil research before making a mistake!!

  7. this is a scam, you wont receive an EZcool Breeze. you might receive something called an air cooler fan, from china, no ezcoolbreeze written anywhere and support @ezcoolbreeze is an aboslute joke. do not order this from any of these” buy 2 get 50% off” or only “19 left” scam sites.

  8. I order this from a company calling it self The Real Steve for life claiming the bank makes them keep the name. I got mine alright from china called air cooler fan even have asian writing on it. I had ordered it on June 28 2020 just got it today and this is what they sent not even worth $166.99 for two and not even close to what I ordered either. I ordered square EZ Cool Breeze with detachable water container where ice can also be put in it to make it even colder as the video and site mentioned. However as stated got an asian cheap one thats oval and no detachments not worth what I paid for. I had even contacted the customer service only to be lied to about 7 days plus only because it was coming from asia not here. Had I known I would have cancelled however they made sure it was sent when I mentioned it. Im reporting them as fraud/scammers and getting my money back.

  9. I ordered 4 of the EZ CoolBreeze. They don’t work like the Ad says. One even stopped working after one day of use. I emailed support and told them that they did not do what the Ad said and one even stopped working. Received message back with the address to send them back. Not only do they not work like the Ad says, I have to pay for the ones I didn’t open. Since I opened 2 of them and got rid of the boxes, I can not return them. They have to be in the original box to return and receive your money back. But not the money you paid to return them. All this product to me is another fan that costed me out the but. Not worth it.

  10. The instructions for this product need improvement. The use of American English greatly falters, making it quite hard to understand. Does the unit already come charged? Do you have to plug it in for it to operate? How do you know if it’s fully charged? I need reading glasses AND a magnifying glass just to read the instructions, and then there’s some deciphering needed because of the awkward use of expression(s). Please…either improve the instruction manual or provide a comprehensive PDF! Also: doesn’t it make sense to show how to fill the water tank and THEN how to start the fan? Your instructions go in the reverse order, which isn’t very systematic. I’ve tried it, and I see that you DO have to plug it in. The length of the cable is short. This item needs a LONGER cable. I’m not too impressed. This item is NOTHING like an air conditioner…just a fancy fan!

  11. I, too, feel, scammed, I can’t recall how long I waited for it, but I used it once and it hasn’t worked since. Yes, a scam indeed.

  12. Have left numerous messages and can’t contact anyone, no one will call me back. Looks like a job for the fraud division from pay pal or Better Business Burrow. There seems to be a ton of complaints about credibility , false advertising, misrepresentation, .false claims

  13. this company is a scam. there product is bad, their number to this company for you to reach goes to other companies that have absolutely nothing to do with this product. you wont be able to get ahold of them if you purchase anything from them.

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