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How to Chart a Winning Career in Fashion Management?

The fashion industry is currently multi-billion-dollar and still growing by leaps and bounds. However, if you look carefully, you realise it takes more than just passionate fashion designers and talented models to help brands and fashion houses thrive. This is where fashion management, or the operations that run the businesses of brands and designers successfully, plays a significant role.

The field of fashion management requires specialised study that equips you with the know-how to respond to the changing realities of business. Pursuing a degree from a leading design institute develops an excellent skill set that puts you on the path to success. So, choose the right course to make the most of your dreams.

Courses on offer 

A course in fashion business management teaches you the know-how that helps you understand the new realities of the fashion industry by combining the knowledge of fashion with a thorough understanding of supply chains, retail operations, consumer behaviour, brand promotion, and changing market trends. 

This allows you to navigate through the ever-evolving business of fashion, the focus of which has been shifting towards newer technology, digital platforms, social and environmental causes, and other current trends. Design institutes and academies usually have two courses that you can choose from. However, the course you can opt for depends on the eligibility criteria you currently meet. 

The two courses in fashion business management include a three-year undergraduate degree course and a two-year post-graduate course.

Things you learn

The following are some aspects you learn:

  • Applying creative thinking to a commercial context
  • Commercial and management aspects of brands and how it is closely related to the creative vision
  • Learn how brands drive their promotional and marketing strategy
  • Experience in-store sales, visual merchandising, and customer relationship management
  • First-hand industry experience in merchandising, forecasting, market research, etc

Besides these, there are other things you learn on the course that prepares you for a successful career in fashion management. Like other courses in design that equip you with the skills to run a successful fashion venture, a practical fashion business management course also hones your entrepreneurial skills. It gives you a firm foundation to run your successful fashion venture in this industry.

Possible career avenues

The fashion industry employs 45 million people in the domestic market and is a known job creator. So, you have plenty of jobs if you have a job-ready skill set. Additionally, a worthy degree in fashion management from a reputed design college in India opens multiple avenues. You can choose to become a brand manager, a visual merchandiser, a sourcing agent, a fashion stylist, and more.

So, choose an excellent fashion business management course and build a winning career in the fashion industry.

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