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Fashionazac Reviews [July] First Know If Is It Legit?

Fashionazac Reviews [July] First Know If Is It Legit? -> In this article, you will read about the genuineness of a website that sells kennels, houses, and pens for pets at amazing prices.

Have you been searching for luxury house kennels or pens for your pet? The Fashionazac Reviews will guide you about one such website.

Many websites are not legit and are overpowering the online market, especially in the United States. These websites either deliver forfeited products or nothing at all and make the payment before the delivery. 

So, until the delivery date arrives, they lose their money completely. Therefore, it is important to first know about the site and then shop with them.

Fashionazac is an online store that mentions that they deliver all the necessary items, whereas they have just one category on their page. For anyone who wishes to buy kennels or pens for their pet can happily surf this site as they have a variety of options

But otherwise, they have nothing else. Furthermore, to confirm Is Fashionazac.com Legit, let us tell you what they are and what could be the pros and cons to deal with them.

What isFashionazac?

Is Fashionazac.com Legit could be answered once you know what they are. The Fashionazac Reviews reveal that this is an online store that serves the purpose of delivering the products to the customers that they really need. That is how they generate profit and growth. 

They are a United States-based company that prioritizes their customers’ viewpoints while they solve any issues. They are open to advices and criticism both. 

They are committed to offering their customers a reliable customer service and are very careful with their privacy protection. 

They try their best to gain the trust of their customers and offer payment information protection to them. This company claims to deliver the best quality products at affordable prices.

In the present scenario, they are offering only the houses, kennels, and pens for your pet. If you are interested, you can place an order with them and pay online as they do not entertain cash on delivery. 

However, it is better to dig deep into their specifications and pros and cons hereunder. 

Specifications of Fashionazac

  • Website URL:https://www.fashionazac.com/
  • Website type: A website that sells houses, kennels, pens for pets
  • Shipping time:Within 24hours of order placement 
  • Delivery time:Within 5-8 business days from the date of order placement 
  • Shipping cost: Free shipping 
  • Return/ Exchange:Within seven days of the delivery date 
  • Refund: Applicable
  • Cancellation:Not specified on the website
  • Address of the company:648 Mosaic Cir, Oceanside, CA 92057 United States
  • Contact Number:(573) 575-0902
  • Email address:info@fashionazac.com
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal

Who is this website for

This website is suitable for those who have pets and are willing to purchase a house, kennel, or pen for them. These items are available on their website in a wide variety. 

They have all the necessary information available, but it still is better to seek their pros and cons before transacting with them.

Pros of Fashionazac

  • The website is SSL certified.
  • They have mentioned the contact information on their page.
  • The email address is a paid version and not free, like Gmail.

Cons of Fashionazac

  • Cash on delivery is not available.
  • The page does not have a review section.
  • The content on the ‘About Us’ page is copied.

What are the customer reviews?

There are no customer reviews available about this website, maybe because this site is new to the market. Their page does not get a lot of traffic and lacks the customer review section.

Also, the About Us page on this website mentions that they deliver all the necessary items to their customers, whereas, they deliver only one category of items. We recommend our customers to first know about a site before dealing with them.


Fashionazac Reviews say this website has specified all the necessary information, but it is yet new to the market, which becomes the sole reason not to rely on them. 

Moreover, the content on this website is plagiarised and has been used by many scam websites, which again puts them in the witness box, doubting their legitimacy. 

After observing the above information, we can state that this website is not legit at present. Thus, we do not recommend this site. However, any person can make a wise decision about the same after reading all the data we have presented above. 

Have you been wondering about placing an order with them, or have you already made one? Kindly share your views in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “Fashionazac Reviews [July] First Know If Is It Legit?

  1. Purchased , Charged to my Card, a Hessaire cm37m 3100cfm swamp cooler at a unbelievable price?
    Probably should have clued me right there
    Cooler is regularly at $330.00 to $390.00 at legit stores
    Fashionazac was at $98.99 no shipping cost
    Appeared to be a Chinese Manufacturer and was a PayPal payment
    Still, a week later no confirmation, and no answer their phone, no tracking number to follow
    Next stop , Credit Card Company and denied payment, PayPal is a joke for recovery

    1. I completely understand your frustration and you are not alone, account I bought the same item at the same price and paid with PayPal, I was at least given a tracking number and it showed it went through UPS, which of course delivered an item from the vendor to a wrong address and was not able to retrieve the item. Have been contesting the charge through my Card Account and they denied my contested charge and sided with Fashionazac, account I did order an item but one that I never received. I also contested the payment through PayPal and again you are correct in they are a JOKE in attempting to recovery payment. Also UPS being their normal selves delivers to wrong address and through their recovery all they will do is show where the item or package is delivered to, but won’t allow the recipient to open a formal investigation into the matter, they tell me that the seller has to be the one to open the investigation, which of course they won’t account they have received their money. The Fashionazac selling the “Hessaire cm37m 3100cfm swamp cooler” is most definitely a SCAM so do not but from the source selling the cooler.

  2. Hi, I also was taken for a scam. Bought a white vinyl arbor. I now have turned over the investigation to PayPal. My transaction was labeled for “Fast Food’, slick This scam needs reported to the Attorney General and the Post Office General. I’m fired up now, not afraid to report.

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