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Fino Herrera Scandal: Why Batang Poz Trending On Twitter Instagram? Check Height, Age & Other Factors Now!

The below posted article gives information about the Fino Herrera Scandal and details the TV show that led to the scandal.

Have you come across the latest scandal reports of the Philippines star? Readers Worldwide are eager to know the news of Fino Herrera and know why he has suddenly become famous. 

We will give you the complete details of the Fino Herrera Scandal and let the readers know the truth behind the video leak. Read the article to know the complete details.

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Disclaimer: We do not support spreading any false news; the news provided here is taken from authentic sources.

Recent reports of the scandal

Fino Herrera came into the limelight after his famous TV drama Batang Poz where the viewers found some objectionable scenes and gave it the name of the scandal. The intimate scenes are seen between two men who offended people nationwide, and it started trending online. The TV drama is one of the most loved shows among people in the Philippines.

Is the video found on Twitter?

People tried finding out the video on Twitter handles, but they could not find it due to objectionable and explicit content in the TV show. However, we can see some banners and reports of the TV show on online platforms, but the scenes are unavailable on social media platforms.

The drama was released four years ago and is still in people’s minds, making his fans appreciate his role and acting skills.

The latest news on Instagram about the scandal

Rufino Bansagan is the real name of Fino Herrera and has more the 170k followers on Instagram. The news related to the scandal is not seen on the platform, as the channel does not allow the posting of explicit content online. Fino is known for several other TV shows and has won many awards and recognition.

Fino Herrera is one of the biggest TV personalities in the Filipino industry, and people know him for his famous works.

What is the Height of Fino Herrera?

The exact height of the actor is not found on any social media websites or online channels. We will update the details of the actor once we get our hands on the reports and findings. The actor is known among the people through his TV shows, and people wish to know the details of the actor.

Age of the rising Philippines star

We came to know from an online source that the age of the actor is 25 years old. It is commendable that Fino has accomplished huge success at such a young age. Fino is an actor from Filipino, and people love to watch his TV shows.

Batang Poz trends online

Batang Poz is an online TV drama that created huge discussion among people due to the intimate scenes portrayed between two men. Some communities disliked the scenes, offended it, and termed it a scandal.

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The scandal came into the limelight after the release of the TV show, and we have also mentioned why the term Scandal came to attention. 

What are your thoughts on the show? Comment below.

Fino Herrera Scandal– FAQs

Q1. Who is Fino Herrera?

Fino is a popular Filipino star known amongst people.

Q2. Why is Fino Herrera trending everywhere?

Due to the intimate scene portrayed in the TV drama.

Q3. What is the rating of the TV show?

The rating received is 8.2 on 10.

Q4. Is the video viral on social media platforms?

No, we have not come across such videos online.

Q5. From where did he complete his education?

Fino completed his education at Mapua University.

Q6. Who are Fino’s parents?

His father’s name is Rufino Herrera, and his mother is Jeanette Herrera.

Q7. When was Fino Born?

10th October 1997.

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