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Flights Cancelled Hobart Airport (Jan) Read Details!

This article provides details about Flights Cancelled Hobart Airport to help readers know about the sudden cancellation and check the flight status.

Are you affected by the flight delay and cancellation at Hobart Airport? Flight cancellation usually affects many individuals as their business plans get delayed, or any urgent meetings or health-related travels drastically.

Many individuals across Australia are recently affected by flight cancellations at a particular airport. If you have planned travel for the same flight, please check the details below and know about Flights Cancelled Hobart Airport.

How to check the departures and arrivals at Hobart Airport?

With the assistance of an online live departures and arrivals board, you can track the progress and status of your international or domestic HBA or Hobart flight.

Toggle among departing and arriving flights from HBA or Hobart, and then use the quick internet search to narrow down your options by the flight time, airline, or destination/ origin. 

The tracking website for flights will also display and inform you where terminal your HBA flight will arrive or depart from, and any cancellations or delays that may influence your travel plans.

Which Flights Cancelled Hobart Airport?

The flight canceled from Hobart today, i.e., December 30, 2021, is a Jetstar flight from Sydney at 09:10 a.m., which was supposed to fly from Terminal D. It is flight number JQ719 and is also operational by Quantas (QF5719). 

Besides, flight number VA1318 Virgin Australia from Terminal D is canceled, which was expected to fly at 10:55 a.m. from Melbourne Tullamarine.

Moreover, Jetstar’s flight number JQ721, which was expected to fly from Sydney at 12:10 p.m. from Terminal D also canceled. Hence, we advise checking the flight status and Flights Cancelled Hobart Airport before planning to leave for the airport. 

When to confirm flight departure at Hobart?

Depending on how far ahead you may check-in and what time check-in closes in Hobart, it varies according to the airline you are travelling with. So, you must always double-check on their official online platform to check the status. 

You must arrive at Hobart a minimum of 2 hours ahead of your scheduled flight departure for short haul flights flight and at least 3 hours before your scheduled departure time for long haul flights flight. 

Even if you have checked in beforehand, you should still give enough time if Flights Cancelled Hobart Airport or drop over your luggage, acquire boarding tickets if necessary, and get to your terminal and departure gate.

How many flights were canceled at Hobart airport?

On Wednesday, December 29, 2021, fourteen flights were canceled at concise notice at HBA or Hobart Airport. The cancellation of these flights at Hobart Airport has affected many people, families, and businesses. 

Hence, checking flight status before leaving home would help people who have urgencies or emergencies. 


Although traveling by flight is convenient, comfortable, and time-saving, it affects you predominantly if the flight you are traveling is delayed or canceled. You may also read more about flights canceled at the Hobart Airdrome.

Have you suffered due to the Flights Cancelled Hobart Airport? Please leave your comments at the end.

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