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Fnf Taki Mod {Aug} Know All About This Global Game!

Fnf Taki Mod {Aug} Know All About This Global Game! >> This post contains information and tips about a video game which can be played in many mod and is getting popular throughout the world.

Since its release in 2020 Friday night Funkin has been modified many times due to its editable nature by the community members. Fnf Taki Mod is one such modified version of game which is getting popular among video game players Worldwide. Its open source nature allows the modding of the game within the Funkin group giving it new dimensions.

As more people are allowed to change the game by editing mod file in the game folder, new mod keep on coming. In this article we discuss this game and its Tabi mod.

About Friday Night Funkin:

It is open source video game which can be played on browser like windows, mac OX, and Linux. Fnf Taki Mod is created by Homskiy and his team while Fnf developer is Cameron Taylor, Issac Gracia and David brown. 

This game is based on character boyfriend and girlfriend and player mostly play as boyfriend and tries to win her heart by taking part in dancing and singing competition. There are total eight level to this game with seven weeks.

 Zero level is tutorial level in which player is taught how to play the game while other seven level corresponds to each week. To know about the Tabi mod of the game keep reading it till the end.

The story of Fnf Taki Mod:

The central character in this mod is Tabi who is your girlfriend previous lover and was good at singing. According to the storyline your girlfriend and his dad used him to learn music skills and when Tabi found out the truth they tried to get rid of him.

In this game you are invited by your girlfriend dad friends to his place, when player visit the place he find a guy who looks scary and is frightening his girlfriend. This is Tabi who is trying to take revenge for the misdeeds done by your girlfriend and his father.

In this game as a player you will have to protect your lover from Tabi.

Gameplay rules of Fnf Taki Mod:

In this game you will have to fight with Tabi to protect your girlfriend as he is on revenge mode and may harm your lover. There are some rules which will apply while you fight Tabi, these are listed below for players help.

  • In genocide boyfriend will lose health by one per cent point every second.
  • Each point on Tabi point chart will also lower boyfriend health by one percent.
  • Boyfriend will begin with 100 per cent health and can get maximum up to 150 per cent health.
  • In window as the health of boyfriend keep getting worse, screen becomes darker.
  • Tabi can regenerate his health with increase in health bar.

Final verdict:

In Fnf Taki Mod it can assumed that Tabi first plan was to use knife for killing the girlfriend but as boyfriend entered the game he started using bombs to kill her.  If boyfriend loses the game a knife will hang on his skull.

Friday night Funkin players can share their experience of the game in the comment section and also give their opinion on the post below. To know more about this game watch this video. 

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