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for77 Com Fortnite {Sep} Read Complete Details Now!

for77 Com Fortnite {Sep} Read Complete Details Now! -> Buy a legit game and never pay to get game credits illegitimately.

Have you ever heard about the Fortnite game? You must know it is a paid and time-consuming game. Most gamers love it because of its missions, graphics, and other features. for77 Com Fortnite is available for you to get V-bucks. You can easily use them in your next game mission. 

Gaming has become a profession since many people pay gamers to complete missions and try newly developed games. This occupation is significantly appreciated in the United States. Nevertheless, the developers locate illegal modes of earning V-bucks. If you use certain wrong-means to win prizes, then you have higher chances of getting a ban. 

What is for77 Com Fortnite?

It is a platform that promises to give you free V-bucks by submitting your game details. Many users have tried it but failed to get anything than a permanent ban. It is a young platform that is nowhere affiliated with the official page. Hence, you should beware of using it.

How does It work?

for77 Com Fortnite initially shows you the Nexus war of season 4. It also pops up a continue button like a magical curtain, which may work or fail. Please carefully go through the below details to claim your free V-bucks.

  • Step 1: Visit the official for77 website.
  • Step 2: Click on the Continue Button
  • Step 3: Submit your Fortnite username and gaming platform. You get windows, Mac OS, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iPhone. 
  • Step 4: Select Yes or No for getting a battle pass.
  • Step 5: Select the Free V-bucks that you want to be credited. The options are 1K, 28K, 7.5K, and 13.5K.
  • Step 6: Wait for the website to connect you with a battle. It will verify your details from the Fortnite database. 

How legit is it?

for77 Com Fortnite is not a legit website because it accepts all username and details. Whether you are a Fortnite user or not, the site will locate you in the database. After the verification, it pops a screen of scam detection from your end. If you click on Verify Option, then you have to complete two tasks for getting v-bucks. 

The company does not give you anything but steals your information and makes you complete tasks to earn. Besides, the tasks always include an application to download and play. They can also be a con-trick to connect you with scammed applications or websites. 

Customer Feedback:

Many parents have complained against for77 Com Fortnite for luring their children to pay more than 50 dollars for free V-bucks. Besides, many gamers have stated that the website sends malware in their system that steals their database and personal information. 


for77 Com Fortnite has successfully stolen identity and money from the gamers. The action of getting free V-bucks has led to Fortnite banning for some users. Kindly share your insights in the comments!

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