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Formnight Reviews (Dec 2021) Is This A Scam Online Site?

Have you inquired about the portal’s legitimacy utilizing Formnight Reviews? If not, then study this article to get clues about this site.

Are you going in search of a website’s trustability claiming to provide furniture? Then, please don’t go anywhere and stick to this post.

People are following unique furniture trends to ease their lifestyles. In addition, they also want such products at a decent cost. Moreover, some United States reports have disclosed that the demand for modular furniture has increased by a high margin. The prime reason is by carrying the physical business online during the pandemic. 

So, in this post, we will show up a site employing the Formnight Reviews

Describing The Site 

Formnight.com is an online shopping portal declaring and claiming to sell home decor furniture and dressers of ‘The Home Depot.’ Moreover, they claim to employ the best suppliers and manufacturers to make a decent customer base. So, now, we will shed light on some site’s products:

  • Side Tables.
  • Cat Resting Rooms.
  • Wood Dressers.
  • Juniper Chairs.
  • Phoebe Chairs. 
  • Lampshades.
  • Swivel chairs.

Identifying The Website’s Facts

  • We haven’t rescued any connections of this site to any social media platforms. 
  • The mailing address to Formnight.com is Customerservice@teheh.com, helping us confirm Is Formnight Legit?
  • The reference on the company’s office location is not revealed. 
  • The contact number is lacking over the webpage, expressing the portal’s suspicious nature. 
  • On the site, the mentioned payment modes are VISA, PayPal, American Express, etc. 
  • To qualify for a return, you have to submit the form to customer service within five business days. 
  • 23-11-2021 is the portal’s enrollment date, which will freeze on 23-11-2022. 
  • Their refund policy will sustain if they provide you with a faulty product on delivery.
  • The portal’s official link is https://www.formnight.com.
  • By considering the Formnight Reviews, if they send you wrong/ defective material, they will exchange it for you without any cost. 
  • 7 to 20 business days are required for shipping a product. 
  • They have incorporated Home Depot’s furniture items, including drawers, etc. 
  • The processing and shipping time will determine the actual delivery date of your purchase.  
  • The deficiency of the newsletter option is noticed. 

Strengths In The Portal 

  • The customer service mail is present. 
  • A few reviews of buyers are available on the website.

What Are The Minus Points Of Formnight.com?

  • The calling number is not given to justify Is Formnight Legit?’
  • The company’s location is absent.
  • The site’s trust index is 2%; also, it has a low trust rank of 0.6/100. 
  • Formnight.com has no social links or icons.
  • On Trustpilot, no reviews are attained. 

Is Formnight a Scam?

  • Social links- The social connections are unavailable, raising several riddles. 
  • Trust Score- Formnight.com has a bad trust score. 
  • Alexa Rank- The site does not have any Alexa rank. 
  • Contact number- A valid phone number is lacking on the site. 
  • Domain Age- The portal’s age is 19 days. 
  • Address- According to Formnight Reviews, the firm’s location is missing. 
  • User’s reaction- The reaction of buyers is present on the website, which doesn’t seem valid. But, on Trustpilot, we haven’t obtained any customer feedback. 
  • Plagiarized content- 100% plagiarism is noticed. 
  • Interface- The site’s homepage design is copied from different suspicious sites. 
  • Email address verification- The mail address name is not relative to the site’s name. Also, it is found on other suspicious portals.
  • Owner’s identity- The websites’ name is Formnight.com, but on the ‘About Us’ section, it is mentioned as Wonderfulhappy, which has questioned its identity. 
  • Policies– Only the shipping policy is appropriately illustrated. 

Buyers’ Formnight Reviews

On review sites such as Trustpilot, we haven’t earned any customer feedbacks. But, hardly a few product reviews are available on the official site, in which buyers approve it. But, its duplicated content has also marked this as a scam. 

It is noticed that no one knows about this site as it has no social links. In addition, the portal has captured a low trust score and rank, which has lowered its image. Also, we can’t consider the user’s feedback of Formnight.com since it’s not genuine. 

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The write-up on Formnight Reviews has found the portal is claiming to offer The Home Depot items, including lampshades. In addition, the social links are not present that has reduced its identity. 

Thus, as the site’s interface is similar to several dubious sites, we can settle that the site is highly suspicious. Therefore, please stay cautious while touring such a portal. Look here for the details on credit card scams

Do you know any reviews for the website? Please, notify us about your view below. 

2 thoughts on “Formnight Reviews (Dec 2021) Is This A Scam Online Site?

  1. I bought the 5 piece patio set in Dec2021. they kept showing the shipment tracking that it was on its way then, said it was delivered. Never received it. They now are not responding to my emails as they used to. Do not give them money.

    1. Hello Shirl! We are grateful for your precious remark here for this online platform. Yes, as mentioned in the blog also, it is a highly suspicious site, so these may be the tricks played by the scammers. By sharing our experiences, we can keep each other alert and aware of the scams. Thank You! Stay Safe! Take Care

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