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Fortnite.gg My Locker {April} Get Your Account Details

Fortnite.gg My Locker {April} Get Your Account Details>> Are you eager to know the details of your account status on Fortnite? Then read the content and know-how to access it.

Are you aware of the latest feature added by fortnite. gg? If not, let’s get introduced to the My locker feature recently added to the site to ease the gamers.

Being introduced in 2017, Fortnite has gained popularity Worldwide. With the evolution in the game, more people started showing interest in it.

The battles, new adventurous challenges, cosmetic items, different stylish characters, weapons, and goods were the reason for the popularity of Fortnite. Let’s know the details of Fortnite. gg My Locker tool and see how it can give us benefits.

Few words about Fortnite. gg

It is a store where Fortnite players can purchase new skins, outfits for their character, and many more exciting things to enhance their game. All the latest skins are easily accessible from the store.

Fortnite. gg shares chapters of both the season for the players. You can check on the upcoming items and events in the game through the site’s Twitter page. The website shares in-game news with the players and keeps them updated. It allows every individual to create its wish list of their favorite items.

As the latest tool Fortnite. gg Locker has launched, people are curious to know about it.

What’s unique in the Locker tool of Fortnite. gg?

  • Earlier, there was no such feature through which people can get details of their v-bucks, but by using lockers in Fortnite, you can now show off your friends about the v-bucks you have earned while playing.
  • You can get an accurate value of the v-bucks that you used till now.

By bringing this unique update for the players, Fortnite. gg has done appreciative work.

How to use Fortnite. gg My Locker feature?

Let’s discuss the steps through which you can access this new update.

  • Visit the official website.
  • Click on the drop-down menu present at the top left corner of the screen.
  • You will see an option of my locker
  • To access it, sign in by filling in details of epic games account

Once you get signed in, you can now get every detail about the v-bucks you used. Isn’t it interesting to know how we spend our money, though it’s not in dollars?

But players can’t use Fortnite. gg My Locker update as per the recent tweet shared by the website; it has turned off the game’s signing-in feature.


Epic Games do not share the locker feature. But it has advised all the gamers who have accessed this feature must change their passwords so that their V-bucks remain secure.

Please wait for some time to add the new feature that can help you know your account status. Stay in touch with the official website and its Twitter account to get details about the portal’s recovery.

What are your views about Fortnite. gg My Locker? We will love to hear your thoughts about this update.

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