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Gab Vs Parler (Jan) Valueable Discussion Compiled Below

Gab VS Parler (Jan) Valueable Discussion Compiled Below >> Find out how unlimited freedom can lead to complete chaos.

Today, you can get worldwide information just by a click. It’s easy to influence people and give them information to follow a specific plan of action. But without barriers by the states or the developers themselves, it could be a dangerous weapon, which can incite people to raise severe conflicts and disturb the peace, law, and order amongst the state.

The recent protest or “insurgency,” stands as one of the great examples at the capitol. Two sites- Gab and Parler stood out to incite people on the pretext of free speech. Aftermath, a trend started called “Gab VS Parler.”

Let’s go further to know what the trend is about and check out all the detailed information regarding all the essential points related to this topic.

What is Gab?

Gab.com was founded in 2016 by Andrew Torba, a programmer. He launched this social media platform to promote free speech. It is older than Parler and is one of the most controversial social media platforms of our time.

The platform champions free speech, individual liberty, and the free flow of worldwide information without any fact-checking. With Parler having the same features, it led to Gab VS Parler.  

What is Parler?

John Matze and Jared Thomson are the programmers based in Nevada, launched the networking portal called parler in 2018. It is named after the French word ‘Parler,’ which means to speak or talk.

The website gained its popularity in the summer of 2020, just before the US elections, particularly with the conservative Americans and Trump supporters.

What is Gab VS Parler?

Both Gab and Parler follow different policies from their competitors like Facebook and Twitter, due to their focus on free speech. Their content policies are extraordinarily liberal and do not check facts before posting. 

Many conservative users of Facebook and Twitter were backlashed for misinformation just before the 2020 US election. Therefore, they found their peace and solace on Gab or Parler.

The recent protest at the capitol has held Parler liable for inciting people and providing a course of action to raise violence and unrest in the United States. Therefore, Google Play, Apple app store, and Amazon Working Services(AWS) has decided to ban Parler from their platforms.

Final Verdict

Competition like Gab VS Parler may be healthy when it’s constrained to promoting legal and helpful information. But, sites like these, which do not check facts, has become a haven for fostering terrorism and disturbing peace.

We agree that we may need more liberty and freedom to express our beliefs and opinions. But we cannot misuse this freedom to incite people, lead violent protests, and take law and order into our hands. Sites like these will only help establish a dictatorship, where only the rich and powerful will have a say in the country. And the ordinary people would be at the mercy of them.

Competitions like Gab VS Parler shall be immediately struck down or be constrained.

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