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Gaprintale Reviews [2020] Is It Legit? or Another Scam?

Gaprintale Reviews [2020] Is It Legit? or Another Scam? -> This article is about creating awareness regarding the newly-launched shopping site ‘Gaprintale.com’.

Everybody likes to do up the space that he or she lives in. Our home is one place, which is absolutely personal and it reflects our personality to a great deal.

A place where a person can totally be his or her own self is his ‘abode’. So, our home is special and needs to be done up as an ultimate space for comfort and relaxation for our own selves.

Interior designing isn’t a cakewalk. It is a vast subject, which only professionals trained in that field, can handle. For laymen, like us, we just go by our moods and tastes. I, for example, simply like to pick up objects arbitrarily wherever I go and place it somewhere in my home.

Being an introvert, I resist boldness in the structures, colors and setting of the room, whilst an open, extrovert personality would simply play with bright hues and bold projections.

Anyway, choices are much individualistic and cannot be defined by anybody but ‘self’. 

These days, with the online shopping platforms playing a dominant role in the lives of almost all adults, we can choose to buy our wall cabinets, clocks, room separators and even toilet brush holders from the virtual shops on the internet.

All this and more is what ‘Gaprintale.com’ deals with.

What is Gaprintale.com?

Gaprintale.com has originated in the United States with a mission to cater to the trivial household needs of a customer. At least, that’s what their ‘About us’ page says.

The website aims at projecting the best deals in the market for it’s visitors and wish to maintain a long term relationship with their customers over business.

However, the broad categories of products that are flashed on Gaprintale.com are not very primary to living. They have several items on display and the prices are marked in red.

The products miss description and the highlighted prices seem to be the attractive factor here. Now, that’s dicey. It means that the website is only aiming at making quick money without caring about the customer’s concerns.

Luring innocent people by flashing low prices and discounts is an old method for duping by fraudulent stores.

Considering the other attributes, if you see the ‘Contact us’ page, it does show a physical address of the shop but the same should be verified on ‘Google map’, if you want to check on it’s authenticity.

Who should buy from here?

The products sold by Gaprintale.com are not essentials but home decorating items. So, anybody who is looking for specifically such products can buy from here. But before purchasing anything from Gaprintale.com, let’s assess on it’s credibility factor.

Is Gaprintale.com a scam or legit?

The website Gaprintale.com has a ‘https’ or SSL connection, which means it is a secured online shop. Acquiring an SSL certification means the website will protect it’s onlookers from any kind of miscommunications.

Gaprintale.com is a newly registered site with it’s registration date as 16.01.2020. Being a new launch the website must work hard to establish it’s online presence but surprisingly, Gaprintale.com doesn’t share too many external links for verification. This isn’t a good sign.

If you see the ‘returns policy’ page, you would find no address mentioned. Most fraudulent websites do not furnish a return address because either they don’t have one or they don’t desire to take back their delivered products.

In either cases, the situation is critical. Understandably, if the appropriate item that’s booked doesn’t get delivered or a wrong inappropriate product is delivered, then what would the customer do? 

The money is already lost and there’s no way to retrieve it back.

Gaprintale.com also doesn’t divulge any information about it’s owners. So, the purpose of the business seems only making money surreptitiously and getting away with all wrong doings.

The website lacks proper designing. Even the content is not up to the mark. Why is Gaprintale.com created and what is it’s mission is difficult to establish from it’s ‘About Us’ description.

There’s a lot more that it has to work on for creating trust and confidence among it’s visitors.

Images can be copied and prices can be misquoted only for attracting customers. These days after receiving the payment through online transactions, it’s pretty convenient for any e-commerce business to get away by delivering low standard products or not delivering at all.

Most scam sites ask for customer’s private information like credit card numbers, passwords and so on. Also, after one or two transactions, they start debiting money from your account without permission which is appalling.

So, beware before you trust any new website and get into dealings with the latter.


Online shopping is as exciting as dangerous. People can lose money like anything if they get trapped by scam websites. So, doing a little bit of research through social media is better.

Talk about Gaprintale.com among your friends and acquaintances. Check if anybody has heard about it or not? Consider their experiences before jumping into any conclusion.

Do not divulge your credit card details or password on any online shopping site. It’s a criminal offence to sought such information from the customer’s side. There are chances that this information might be misused.

Many websites sell vital information about it’s visitors to third parties for a cost.

Never fall for discounts. Remember every product has a cost and that can’t be lowered beyond a point. Always search for the same products on other popular and trusted shopping sites and compare the prices. If the difference looks abysmally less or more, then the deal is off.

Another vital point is, opting for ‘cash on delivery’. If the choice exists, then the first purchase should be done by that. This establishes trust. You can easily check on the products delivered and return them instantly, if you aren’t satisfied. This saves your money too.

0 thoughts on “Gaprintale Reviews [2020] Is It Legit? or Another Scam?

  1. I bought a TV and payment was approved but i don’t know when it will be delivered to me.
    How can i track shipment?

    1. I also order two tv’s and got an email stated that one of them, a 75″ refurbished Samsung was received and was being processed. I checked my bank and no payment was ever taken out. However; my girlfriend also ordered one and that payment was taken. She has been on it, corresponding with the company tracking the tv. It has made it to Seattle today and should have the delivery today or tomorrow. I will update you when received.

    1. I ordered a TV in March 2020 marked delivered June 18 2020. Went to the Post Office to pick up and not there??

  2. this is a scam notice u cannot click disclaimer they have a fake phone number to fake address? You might of but they have to make one or two customers believe their bullshit. Let me guess no receipt right? I bet you did not get one…Go read their return they contradict everything they say its all bullshit but they did little jenks to make it somewhat legal? Did you ever get your product just curious.

  3. oh and they have to approve comments lmao this is all a big load of shit. Do not buy their products people

  4. Its all a big scam!!!!!!! I purchased a 75″ in TV and the sent me knockoff Ray-Ban sunglasses. I got proof.

    1. they did the same exact thing to me. I ordered 32″ Vizio tv & they send those very ugly knock off sunglasses.
      When I ordered the tv- I read & re-read the write up to MAKE SURE IT WASN’T refurbished. It said brand new. Then……when I got these sunglasses & checked the website again…then & only then it was changed to REFURBISHED! Course I didn’t get a TV any way but yet another part of their scam

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