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Gasentate Com (Nov 2020) Support the Website.

Gasentate Com (Nov 2020) Support the Website. >> This article talks about a party-run website that is collecting funds from the public to win elections.

Are you concerned about Republicans winning the Georgia Senate runoffs? 

As Joe Biden has been elected to power in a hard-fought Presidential Elections, Democratic supporters are satisfied with Joy. But the game is still on for the top United States Legislative chamber. 

Georgia is in the limelight for the U.S Senate elections. Although Georgia is generally considered a Republican-leaning state, it has not voted them to an absolute majority.

Hence, a special election is set to be held for which the Democrats are leaving no stone unturned. They have also launched a website for this, Gasentate com.

Could you continue reading to know more about it?  

What is Gasentate com?

Gasentate com is a very new website. It is born out of the need to collect funds for Democrats to win the Senate elections in Georgia

The Democratic Party Candidates Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff have survived the general elections by not being voted out by the absolute majority. Hence, there is a special runoff scheduled for January 5, 2021. 

Stacey Abrams, the Georgia governor, has been instrumental in the state for creating a support shift towards democrats. She has outrightly said that the Democratic party will put in everything they have to win the top Chamber by defeating the Republican Senate candidates Perdue and Loeffler in Georgia. 

Why are these two seats so crucial for Democrats?

Georgia is a 100-seat chamber which is among the few states that require runoffs until there is a clear majority. Consequently, any party to win it need the majority number of 51 or above. 

As of now, it is visible that Republicans are on their way to win 50 seats. But if Democrats who currently have 48 can hold on to these two seats that will be on the runoff, they can push the overall result to a tie. 

In case of a tie, Kamala Harris, as vice-president, will get the tie-breaking vote, and Republican control on the Chamber will come to an end. 

Important Clarification

The website that is launched by the Democrats is Gasenate.com and not Gasentate comSo, if you wish to support the making of Democratic dominance in the Chamber, do visit that site and make your meaningful contribution.

Final Verdict

As Joe Biden has been elected the president, the Democrats are all charged up to get the Senate control as well. 

On January 5, the Presidency will not be at stake. Hence, it is safe to assume that there will not be a significant turnout for casting votes. 

Many Republicans would have already accepted their loss after Trump has not been chosen for the second term. 

In conclusion, we can say that the Democratic party is at an excellent mindset advantage as compared to their counterparts. If they get generous support from their well-wishers by contributing to Gasentate comit will increase their chances to get a shot at the top U.S chamber. 

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  1. if we dont flip the senate or at least even it we will be in for another 4 years of ssdd
    i for one am so tired of spending my days and night thinking about HIM
    after today i feel we may never be done with HIM
    lets all get together and win this tig in georgia

  2. Trying to give you money. Why is this so hard? Stacey said to go to gasenate.com to help. I’m here (I think), where is the DONATE link?

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