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Gaso Scam (Feb 2022) Read All Essential Information!

Please read this article to learn about the Gaso Scam concerning a platform that aims to make people aware and fight against relationship online scamming.

Did you ever feel someone is cheating you via digital relationships? Do you know someone who was scammed online? Do you want to support an anti-scam initiative? Then, please read this article to be entirely aware of this matter.

In today’s report, we have mentioned details about a portal that fights against scammers. Residents of numerous nations, especially Singapore, are keen on knowing more about this movement. Thus, please continue reading to get all the essential details regarding Gaso Scam.

What is Gaso?

GASO stands for Global Anti-Scam Organization. It is a platform that exposes scam cases related to relationship fraudulence. It primarily highlights the methodology of Sha Zhu Pan, thereby spreading awareness among people worldwide. The platform partners with analytical portals like Forex Peace Army and Scam Adviser. 

Who is the Founder of Gaso?

The person behind Gaso is a relationship-fraud victim from Singapore. After losing around $80,000 on a fake romance, she decided to fight against injustice. Therefore, she created this platform in June 2021 that soon got support from numerous volunteers from various nations. All the 55 team members of Gaso Scam have somehow faced Sha Zhu Pan in the past. The Gaso volunteers do not reveal their identity for security reasons. 

What is Sha Zhu Pan and How Do Scammers Use It?

Sha Zhu Pan refers to gaining trust in a long-distance relationship, followed by the victim’s investment, and finally losing the money. It is also called a pig butchering plate, romance baiting, or crypto romance scam. 

In this method, the scammer targets a man or woman through a dating app. Next, they gain the victim’s trust by sharing photos, food, gifts, flowers, etc. The Gaso Scam members have had an experience of this. 

The fraudsters soon begin brainwashing the victims about investing in a joint account. They also feign generosity and teach the targets how to trade in online portals. The conmen also lend some money to gain more confidence. Finally, they urge the targets to deposit money in such accounts, which is primarily a crypto platform in recent times. 

When the victim has deposited a large amount upon compelling coaching, the money suddenly vanishes. On complaining, either the scammers blame the victims as frauds, make them feel more guilty, or block them and vanish. 

How Does Gaso Scam Work?

Gaso connected to over 900 victims of romance cybercrime cases worldwide. They expose the cases to make people beware of such platforms and scammers. They also help victims get back to normalcy. Moreover, Gaso members regularly update the scam websites to spread knowledge about their recent tactics. 

Gaso also connects with media and legal authorities to take steps against such fraudulence. Furthermore, they request online security agencies be more responsible as fake dating apps are built despite their presence. 

The Final Thoughts

Gaso’s mission is to finish romance-related cybercrime and end the scammers’ businesses. Many victims and volunteers have joined the Gaso Scam movement since its inception. You can visit the Facebook profile of Gaso to support this noble cause. Furthermore, please know How To Avoid A Scam for safety. 

Were you ever scammed online? Please share your experiences below.

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