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[Unedited] George Foreman Is Still Alive: How Old Is He? How Did He Die? Check His Net Worth, Kids & Wife Details Here!

The news concerning George Foreman Is Still Alive is unveiled in this post to inform readers about the former champion’s passing.

What happened to the former American boxer? The news of the passing of the former phenomenal American boxer made users from the United States discuss him on many social networks.

However, users were uncertain if the boxer’s passing was actual or a part of the frequent death hoaxes of celebrities on social networking sites. So, let us glimpse the news spread and find out if George Foreman Is Still Alive or not.

Disclaimer: We provide genuine news and highly discourage the spreading of hoaxes about the passing of celebrities or individuals.

What happened to George Foreman?

Fans and followers of George Foreman were greatly concerned after learning about the news of his passing. But, instead of believing in George’s demise, they wanted to cross-check if it was a hoax. 

Is He Still Alive?

Since many death hoaxes of celebrities emerged online, George’s fans could not believe the news of his passing. The news was later confirmed and reported that George was alive, and his news of passing was utterly fake.

A Facebook page recently disclosed passing of George Foreman on August 26, 2023. Therefore, hundreds of his followers, fans, and admirers paid an obituary.

How Old Is Foreman George?

The 74-year-old heavyweight champion (former) had already vowed to avoid fighting again. He is presentlt ordained minister in Houston at Lord Jesus Christ Church. He also runs a youth centre. 

His collapse in the dressing room in 1977 is featured in “Big George Foreman” when he experienced death to a close. It was due to a loss that he collapsed. It leads to the profound transformation of a boxer. Therefore, he wants to inform the general populace about what happened to him in a dressing room and how he got another opportunity to exist.

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George Foreman: How Did Die?

George Foreman is not dead, and the news concerning his passing was proven fake by his representatives after they officially declared on Sunday, August 27, 2023, that George Foreman is alive. 

George’s passing news shocked the entire boxing world, and people who were skeptical about it were pleased to discover that their favorite heavyweight champion still exists, and his passing news was incorrect. 

George Foreman’s Net Worth:

The annual income of George Foreman as of 2023 is about 300 million USD. Although his upbringing was in a low-income family, he discovered pleasure in boxing. George performed remarkably in sports activities and grabbed a gold medal in 1968 in Mexico City at the Olympics. 

In 1973, he succeeded in the heavyweight championship after defeating Joe Fraizer. However, he lost the title in 1974 during “Rumble in the Jungle” against Muhammad Ali and retired from sports after playing till 1977.

Quick Wiki:

  • Real name- George Edward Foreman
  • Wife- Mary Joan Martelly (since 1985 to present), Andrea Skeete (1982 to 1985), Sharon Goodson (1981 to 1982), Cynthia Lewis (1977 to 1974), and Adrienne Calhoun (1971 to 1974)
  • Number of marriages- Five
  • Age- 74 years
  • Date of birth- January 10, 1949
  • Total fights- 81
  • Wins- 76
  • Wins by KO- 68
  • Kids Twelve
  • Names of children- Freeda Foreman, George Foreman III, George Foreman IV, George Foreman V, George Foreman VI, Georgetta Foreman, George Foreman Junior, Natalie Foreman, Isabella Brenda Lilja Foreman, Michi Foreman, Leola Foreman, and Courtney Issac Foreman

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by u/foofighter1351 in Boxing


George Foreman’s demise news that hit the social media sites proved invalid. George’s death was rumored on many sites, making his followers worried and concerned. However, George, the former heavyweight champion, is doing well at 74 and serves as an ordained minister at a church. 

Did you watch the champion’s “Big George Foreman”? Share if you admire the American boxer.

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