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Gizmo Nest Review [2020] Worth or Waste of Money?

Gizmo Nest Review [2020] Worth or Waste of Money? -> This article is meant for those who wish to learn more about Gizmonest.com

With the present situation, worldwide, life has entered a new phase of re-emergence. People being confined to their space have all the time to re-invent their passion and hobbies.

One such insatiable interest is surfing the net and doing online shopping. Though due, to disruption in normal living, online shops have also taken a break from business, yet we do like looking at products on different e-commerce stores.

Gizmonest.com is one such online portal, registered in the United States and aims at establishing itself as an everyday household and lifestyle products destination, worldwide.

Here, I am going to enlighten the readers about this new e-commerce business website.

What is Gizmonest.com?

Gizmonest.com has a broad repertoire of apparels, accessories, fitness, gadgets and other related lifestyle products.

Well, if you look at the images of the products, they are supported by a brief description and the mention of price plus taxes.

There’s no discount or special rebates on prices mentioned in the website, so it seems that the latter means business only.

However, high prices may not look very appealing to the online visitors, so the prospect of conversion turns a little feeble.

How does it work?

Book any item of your choice, and pay with your credit card. There’s no option of COD(Cash On Delivery) here. Once, you have ordered your items, expect them to be delivered to you within two weeks at $40 flat, shipping charge.

There are a numerous products under each broad category to choose from, so you won’t run out of choices either.

Who should buy from here?

Since Gizmonest.com is a ‘jack of all trades’, any impulsive shopper might lay his eyes here to check out items and prices.

The products are not unique but general ones, which could be bought from other online stores as well. So, the differentiating factor would be the price and quality.

Is Gizmo Nest scam or legit?

It’s difficult to comment on Gizmonest.com as a legitimate site because, there’s no mention of it’s owners, physical address and even a return address.

If somebody wishes to lodge a complaint regarding any discrepancy happening with the delivery, quality or anything else concerning the product, then whom should he or she approach and how? E-mails can remain unanswered and even phone calls can be amiss.

Many ingenuine firms who wish to make money within short time and with no effort, do not furnish the information about the return address. That’s because the return address might be located in China and shipping the defective products there by the worried customers can be pretty expensive. 

Sometimes the shipping cost exceeds way beyond the product price. Now, this is a matter of concern.

Gizmonest.com is just two months old, yet it’s still floundering in online presence. There are no external links and social media face-ups. Due to which it would lose out on popularity and hence credibility among first time shoppers.

Though it’s SSL certification renders Gizmonest.com as a safe and secure site for making transactions yet, that won’t guarantee best quality products or viable deals.

According, to Alexa, a lot of people are visiting the site so it’s traffic score isn’t that low, but the conversion rate is unknown.

It’s difficult to garner customer experiences over Gizmonest.com in the internet as they are unavailable, which means either no one has shopped yet or doesn’t have any good experience to share.


There are several scams happening online these days. E-commerce businesses are sprawling with the motive to make enormous profits through selling goods and services to the online shoppers.

However, if you are not cautious about your dealings, then you might only end up losing your money.

Websites which doesn’t mean business have certain things in common. For example, they won’t divulge any information about their company, owners and so on. Instead they would sought customer information. 

Certain pertinent websites would also ask crucial personal data of the customer like passwords. Never get into such trap. Your information might be misused in future without your knowledge.

Secondly, fraudulent websites will not be constructed properly. The content might be poor, full of grammatical mistakes, the images can be copied and even some companies have the audacity to sell branded products at fake prices without the brand company’s knowledge.

Not revealing the return address is an indication that the store is actually located in China but has the registration of some other country. This is again alarming.

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  1. I checked them out and would have bought something but the add stated that Diner’s Club was the only form of payment accepted??
    Anyone still have a Diner’s Club Card???

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