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Gizmogo Reviews [Jun 2021] Does it have Legitimacy?

Gizmogo Reviews [Jun 2021] Does it have Legitimacy? >> Check our review post which is based on deep analysis that help you make a right decision before buying any expensive device from this website.

Are you interested on buying new and latest technology mobile phones as soon as it comes in the market? And you want to sell your old mobile for perfect worth full price? Many of you do not get the right price to sell your mobile, but today’s website that originates from the United States helps you get the best possible price.

Does the question arise that the website we are using is legit or a scam? Can we try to sell our mobile to this website at the price it is offering to us? For more information about Gizmogo Reviews, read the following article.

What is Gizmogo?

Gizmogo is an online website that helps us send our old mobile phones at perfect possible prices concerning their conditions. As we went on the homepage of this website, we were able to locate the Facebook, Instagram pages for this website to get to know about the followers of this website. On Instagram, we were able to find near about 6.3 K followers and 509 posts. To get further knowledge about Gizmogo Reviews, read the complete article for the same.


  • The Url to locate this website is https://www.gizmogo.com/.
  • This is an online e-commerce website that buys old mobile phones.
  • We need not pay even a single penny for the shipment.
  • As soon as they receive the product, we will get our payment within 24 hours.
  • To contact this website through an email, we must mail support@gizmogo.com.
  • To make a phone call to this website, the mobile number is 800–893–9598.
  • The location for this website is 13771 North Ave, Chino, CA 91710.
  • This website provides cash payments to customers.
  • Are you interested in getting information about the Gizmogo Reviews?

Pros of Gizmogo

  • We can easily sell old mobile phones without any hesitation.
  • The domain age of this website is about three years
  • According to the scam advisor, the draft score for this website is 85% that is above the average.
  • The website had followed on social media accounts.

Cons for Gizmogo

  • There are not many websites that deal in this line of trade.
  • A very small number of website deals in this line of online e-commerce.
  • The scam websites in this line show a very high selling price for the product compared to this website.
  • We got some handsome of good Gizmogo Reviews on the social media for this website.

Is Gizmogo Legit?

The following website is offering to buy the Old mobile phones of their customers for their reasonable prices according to the condition of their mobile phones. So now the customers are willing to sell their mobiles To that website which gives them the proper resale value of their product. The Following are some legitimacy points for this website:-

  • The website was formed on 26 July 2019.
  • We can access the social media accounts to check the followers for this website.
  • Plenty of positive Gizmogo reviews were available for this website on its Facebook page.
  • Once we sell our mobile on this website, we cannot get it back even if we double the cost.
  • This website is highly trusted as it has an 85% of trust score from the scam advisor.
  • There were PTC of rings of job which possibly have a higher risk.
  • The owner’s identity of this website is not available.
  • After reading the comments from Facebook, we were able to identify that this website provides the money after buying the mobile phones. If you have faced any fraud through Paypal and want your money back, click on the link below.

Gizmogo Reviews

When we searched for reviews  for this website on Facebook, we found many of them positive. All these reviews help us make our mind that this website is legit and pays back after receiving mobile phones. The majority of the customer reviews for this website are positive, which has a very good effect on the customers.

You must have always faced a dilemma before placing your order from any new website, check this link to find out how to detect a Credit card scam site.


As we were able to complete our research on this website, we were able to identify on behalf of Gizmogo Reviews that this website is legit and can be trusted without any hesitation.

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