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Glabool com Reviews [June] Is It really A Reliable Store?

Glabool com Reviews [June] Is It really A Reliable Store? -> This article delivers a review of an essential online store for an appropriate verdict through the customers.

Are you looking for a home and personal essentials online? Many online websites provide home and personal essentials stuff online, and glabool.com is one of them. It provides toys, smart home stuff, accessories, fashion, electrical, home and garden, and baby and nursery stuff to people. 

For the convenience of the customers, Glabool com Reviews are provided to the point which will help the customers in knowing about the genuineness of the website. Online scams are real and can happen with anyone and any day, so it is essential to be well aware of every information beforehand. 

We have gone through the complete details of the website and its products. This a website of United Kingdom. It is not highly popular among people. However, it provides a bunch of impressive and useful products. Let’s dig deeper into the aspect of the legitimacy of the website. Keep your eyes glued to this article, and keep reading if you don’t want your money to go waste. 

What is Glabool.com?

Glabool is an essential online store that provides a list of items like toys, home stuff, electrical, fashion, home and garden, accessories, and baby and nursery stuff. Though the category of the products is quite impressive, some sections are left ideal with zero products.

The website is quite attractive, which will all users the customers to go through every stuff and increases the tendency to buy it. The store averagely provides information about the products. The payment options are many like Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal. 

The price of each product is average, and the shipping process takes 5-10 days for domestic orders and 7-20 days for international orders. The return policy of the store comes with a lot of rules, which can be confusing for the customers. 

To be more precise about Glabool.com Reviews let’s get deeper into its other aspects. Nevertheless, let’s know about its specifications firstly. 


  • Website type –an essential online store 
  • Owner country – United Kingdom
  • Shipping time –5-10 days 
  • Shipping fee – $5.99
  • Address – 52 Thirsk Road- Blashford- BH24 8HG –UK
  • Email support – support@glabool.com
  • Phone no – 07746846399
  • Exchange and return – Available with 30days money-back guarantee 
  • Payment mode – Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal

Pros of buying from Glabool.com 

  • Mode of payment is entirely safe
  • A refund policy is applicable. 
  • 30 days money-back guarantee 
  • Wide range of essential products 

Cons of buying from Glabool.com 

  • The telephone number is not active 
  • The newly registered site, less than six months old.
  • The expectancy of the domain is a short life. 
  • Social media presence is available, but icons are not clickable. 
  • Owner address is suspicious 
  • Some product category does not show any products. 

Is Glabool.com legit? 

To knowabout Glabool.com is legit, we did a lot of diggings about this online store. Therefore, it seems to be a doubtful and suspicious website. Most of the product categories show zero products which are disappointing and, at the same time, fishy. 

Even though the makers of the website have made it impressive and eye-catchy, but that does not hold the customer for a more extended period. This is evident from the page of the product’s website. The further judgments on its legitimacy or scam are judged by the customer’s reviews available all over the internet. 

The website is unable to maintain the customers and their interests. It is less than 6months old, and the complete details of the website are apprehensive. 

What customers are saying about Glabool.com 

Customer reviews play a significant role these days, after all. It is everyone’s hard-earned money, which is at stake. It is foolish to shop without complete details. 

Customers are providing Glabool com reviews that they never got any deliveries for the products they shopped. Moreover, it is not the case with just one customer but many. Customers have shown their sharp criticisms of the website and its products. 

The social media icons are available on the website but not clickable. This clears the whole scenario and proves that the owners and their website might be deceit. 

Final Verdict 

In the final verdict, all we can say is Glabool.com from the United Kingdom can be a scam website. Customers cannot wholly trust the website to place the orders. This is very evident from the customer’s reviews. 

Therefore, be aware before placing orders here because the authenticity of this website is still questionable. 

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