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Goelderly Reviews [April] – Should You Order From This?

Goelderly Reviews [April] – Should You Order From This? >> Check expert’s opinion about this online store! Yes, you will be certain about the answer of this question by reading this review post. Check it now! 

Don’t you have time to buy the necessities? Are you interested in buying all the essentials over the internet for older people? Then, you are at the right place where you will get all the necessary things from clothing to medicines. 

Here, we are going to explore a shopping platform which is named as GoElderly.com. It has a collection of all the products and these are available at a reasonable price across the globe including the United States. This site is capable enough to fulfill the needs of a person. 

Let us get into the details of the site through Goelderly com reviews.  

What is Goelderly.com?

GoElderly.com is a new addition to the shopping platforms that provide all types of products ranges from the daily needs to medicines and clothing as well.

The site aims at providing all the products and services at a reasonable price for the aging people and parents. When it comes to taking care of elderly people, then all the essential products and things are readily available at this store. 

For elders, it provides various products such as improvement in retirement and nursing home, mobility tools, personal care products, devices and gadgets, and so on.

What products does Goelderly.com provide? 

Different types of needy products are available for older people and fulfill their entire requirements and also provides at a very affordable price. There is no need to commute the local market and then purchase the desired products. You can grasp all such products from the website which are given as follows: 

  • Daily Living: Seniors Phone, Playing Cards, Key Finder Locator, Reading magnifying Glass, Seat Cushion, Handheld Reacher, Alarm Clocks and watches, and Kitchen and eating. 
  • Mobility: Car handle, Rollator walker, Walker Basket, Folding Shopping Carts, Folding Walker, Wheelchair Ramps, Specialty, and wheelchair. 
  • Bedroom and sleeping: It includes bedside commode and bedcane. 
  • Medical supplies: It has a hearing amplifier, blood pressure monitors, hot & cold pads, Rehabilitation of the leg, rehabilitation of the hand, balls for Physiotherapy, Pills Organizer, and Thermometer. 
  • Security and safety: Emergency SOS button, Ring Video Doorbell, and Bath safety. 
  • Clothing: It includes women’s footwear, men’s footwear, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, dressing aids, and shoes for swollen feet. 

Why shop from Goelderly.com? 

The availability of products and its wide range is the main reason to buy products from this site for older people. Further, it has some other reasons to shop from Goelderly.com as the site provides some benefits, which are mentioned below. Let us have a quick look at these below. 

  • Free shipping available after $50 of the purchase amount.
  • The premium quality of products is available.
  • Money-back guarantee for sixty days.
  • Available at affordable prices.
  • Easy accessibility and variety of products. 
  • The shopping is secure due to SSL certification.
  • Track your orders. 

What’s more? 

As all sites are providing best deals and discounts over the various products and services, so this site is also offering insured shipping without any delivery charges with a minimum order of amount $50. 

Apart from this, you can also save 50% on the products that are categorized under the head “Today’s hit”. 

What are the negative remarks on the site? 

Although the site is providing all types of products and things for older people however, the domain is very new that is not a decent sign. Fake websites use new domain names. But it has an email server which is a positive point but didn’t give any guarantee. 

The domain “GoElderly.com” is not accessible and not known by the majority of the people around the world. So, the level of trust is low in this site, and it is recommended to stay away from such websites as if people do shopping from such sites, then the risk of receiving damaged products is high. 

What do we conclude after GoElderly com reviews? 

There are huge differences in the change of doing shopping, and some part is covered by the goelderly.com website. All sorts of needy products and things are available on this site for parents as well as aging people. This site includes all the products that are essential for older adults. 

Explore and narrow down the items that are provided by the site.

All in all, if you have any queries or doubts related to the site or products, then get in touch with us and take some valuable advice. Go and grab today’s hit to save some bucks.   

0 thoughts on “Goelderly Reviews [April] – Should You Order From This?

  1. This place is a total scam. I ordered a product over 24 days ago and it’s yet to arrive. I have 4 emails out to them with no reply. The phone number is busy all the time. BUYER AWARE!

  2. Ordered first of April and the website showed 13 in stock. I emailed on the 10th. I was told it would take 25 days in a email response. Shows shipped with a USPS tracking number on April 18. No movement from the 3rd party shipper since it shows it left New York and USPS has not received the item. Sent another email, advised I want my item or a refund. Waiting for a response. It would of been faster just to order it from China, instead of using them as a middle man. A waste of time.

  3. This place is not to be trusted. I ordered a oxigen analyzer which they said they had in stock and ready to ship. It has been over 25 days with no shipment and no revised shipping date. I would not trust nor recommend this vendor.

  4. I ordered the first week in March and still nothing…. Scam and I cannot believe I fell for it! Bass turds!

  5. Total sham. Ordered an item on 4/2, still hasn’t shipped. Get generic email responses and phone number is a constant busy signal. I have asked to cancel and refund my order for 2 weeks now. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE.

  6. Total scam. I ordered on April 2, 2020, and received an email on April 26 claiming it was on the way. The ‘product’ never shipped.

  7. I ordered from them and after 6 weeks it finally showed up. It had a US shipping label from a Mail out Business over the china customs Labe. this company is NOT in the US.

  8. I wish I had read the reviews before I ordered from GOELDERLY.COM When we were hit with the Coronavirus pandemic, we had symptoms of the virus. Therefore, we immediately ordered an Oximeter. with this company. Go Elderly stated they had a pink one in stock and would be immediately shipped. 30 days went by with no product delivered. Furthermore, I emailed them several times and finally they emailed me a “tracking number”. When I tracked the USPS tracking number, it stated “Label Created, not yet in system for delivery”. I checked on the tracking number for 3 weeks and the status never changed. Luckily, I filed a complaint with PayPal since I paid through them. They contacted Go Elderly and stated they would give me a refund in 30 days which is ridiculous considering they have had my money for over a month. NEVER USE THIS BUSINESS, ITS DEFINITELY A SCAM AND A HIGHLY DECEPTIVE BUSINESS!!!

  9. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE! Like everyone here I ordered a Finger Pulse Oximeter in the first week of March and have yet to receive ANYTHING. This company claims to be based in Florida, but they’re shipping their items from CHINA and a quick scan of their site and Facebook make it clear that whoever is behind it is probably based outside the US. They’re DELETING COMMENTS/COMPLAINTS FROM THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE (very sketchy), the only images on their sites are stock photos of old people,, and even the reviews on their site and Facebook page look FAKE! Their phone number NEVER seems to work and their address in the website (411 Walnut St, #10767 Green Cove Springs, FL, 32043 United States) is a FORWARDING ADDRESS, not even a real place of business.

    There’s no proof that these people are even real and not just some shady site looking to take advantage of older people who don’t know enough about the internet to tell it’s a total SCAM.

  10. YEP…A SCAM. took my money at the beginning of April….and nothing. They even have the nerve to send emails saying to wait a few more days…weeks ago.

    Still no shipping label.


  11. I order my oxigen the first of April .I emailed them they keep on telling me its on its way .Here it is May 14th NOTHING

  12. DON’T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY: It has been 43 days and I still have not received the oximeter despite sending emails to customer service three or four times. The website said 10-15 days for delivery when I ordered it and the confirmation email said 10-25 days, so I knew things were shifting from the beginning. But now it is 43 days and they are still making excuses about slow shipping due to the post office. I receive everything else I order online within a week so this excuse is not acceptable. This is especially dangerous customer service because this is an aid people use to make sure they don’t need to go to the hospital. People could die to the delay in shipping. There is no excuse!

  13. Complete scam. Billed me the day the order was placed even tho not “shipped” until 23 days later. Then product was never delivered to USPS and allegedly was “in Los Angeles with their shipping partner” for over 1 month and still has not arrived. I protested the charge on my credit card and got a refund.


  14. My item. like everyone else who has responded here, did not arrive. I went round and round with them to get a refund, but I feel very lucky in that I finally did get my money back. I think they are a scam site, I doubt that they ever sell anything to anyone.

  15. I too ordered a oximeter. Waited and waited for shipping information to show up. 3 weeks. Nothing. Contacted GoElderly. Said a bunch of crap. Same issues as everyone else was having. Told them I’m requesting a refund. After a few threats I finally got my refund. But not without a hassle from them. If you have a refund coming? Get your money back. Contact the credit card company in which you used. And file fraud transaction complaint with them. They will get your refund! This is quite definitely a scam site. They start out honestly. Then turn deceitful hoping to make some free money in hopes no body files for a refund

  16. Ordered 4/3. Tracking number issued mid April. Sat in port of LA most of May. Still no product although supposedly turned over to local carrier whatever that means. Thinking company a scam or incompetent.

  17. TOTAL SCAM, wish I had done a little research before ordering an oximeter at the beginning of April. After contacting the company several times and receiving smarmy responses that I needed to be a little more patient I started researching and found all of the negative reviews. I will file a fraud transaction complaint with my credit card company. I tried to file a complaint with BBB and GOELDERLY does not exist.

  18. I do not recommend this website. I ordered something on April 2. It is now May 30 and still has not arrived. And when I FINALLY received a “shipment confirmation” but from what I can tell from the tracking number, it’s still in China!!! And if I had known it was coming from China, I would NEVER have ordered it. I thank Dave in the comment before mine about asking for a refund. I’ll contact my credit card company. T

  19. Yep same scam as others. And I am embarrassed I had my mother and grandmother order too. Promising medical equipment that never arrives should be investigated by the attorney general as this could result in many deaths

  20. We received one pulse oximeter which took 6 weeks to arrive; I ordered another for my dad at the same time, his never shipped! Of course, they still gladly charged me for it! No response now after 3 emails, one instagram message and a facebook message… they have gone completely dark. The phone number they list is a joke. Don’t order from them. Big mistake on my part

  21. Wow! And here I thought I was the only one being taken advantage/scammed especially during the pandemic where people are trying to buy health products to stay safe. I ordered an oxymeter back on April 3rd and here we are 60 days (and counting) after and this company still can’t deliver. What they promised. They make you believe they have it in stock and its not after they take your money that they say it’ll be 25 days when it’ll get shipped. Lies, lies. Excuse after excuse and even have the audacity to use the pandemic as the reason for the delay. I’ve ordered other health product in the middle of the pandemic and they were able to deliver as promised and within 2-3 days but not this company, if its even a legit company. Stop lying and misrepresenting yourself as a decent, caring company. Im sure I’ll never hear from them again. Lesson learned and thx for nothing.

  22. Scam. Ordered April first. Every few weeks I’d inquire. They’d assure me it’s delayed but coming. No tracking info ever. They are a scam. Don’t even bother.

  23. Do not buy from this site!! Never delivered product. Phone calls never go through – I think they are blocked. Each time I contacted them they said just wait a few more days its coming. Never did. I agree with Daves comments on 5/21/2020. I’m going to follow his advice and dispute with my credit card. Dont buy from them!

  24. GoElderly is not a reliable website or company. I ordered a product 3 months ago – yes, 3 months ago and it finally arrived today. One month ago, I contacted them that I wished to cancel the order but heard nothing back and now I’m stuck with an item I no longer need because I was able to get it elsewhere in 3 days. I recently tried to contact them via phone but it is not in working order. I have little hope in getting a refund so I’ll contact my bank and see what they can do.

  25. I’ve been SCAMMED . I ordered 2 finger pulse oximeters on April 22, 2020. My order was confirmed right away (they charge my visa immediately), pls allow 10-25 business days to arrive. This seemed a long wait to travel from the US to Canada.
    After 1 month I asked where the order is and why didn’t I get a tracking#? Was given a shady tracking email that was outdated by 3 weeks, showing it had shipped. This was followed by email confirming the product was shipped and would indeed arrive in 10 business days and if it doesn’t I’m entitled to a refund and can keep the product if it arrives later (gee why would they say “if”?) .
    After 2 more weeks, Still no product. I ask again, was told there are delays due to Covid and to wait another 10 business days and if it doesn’t arrive I’m entitled to a full refund. It’s a SCAM. They took my $ immediately but no product after 2 months. And no reply from them once I called them out on it.

  26. This merchant is clearly a scam. Ordered an item which to my surprise was being shipped from CHINA!! After 12 weeks of repeated email complaints and the fact that the tracking record showed that it was never shipped and sitting in a warehouse in China, I withdrew the order. Since I paid by PayPal, it is even uncertain that I will get my money back as getting PayPal to respond to disputes is like pulling teeth!

  27. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS “COMPANY”! Shipping from China. Promising items in stock but will take 3 months to arrive, if it ever does. Email from company promise a refund if not received in 10 business days and if the ordered item does arrive the customer can keep the item for free. The “company” will not respond to email demanding a refund. The phone number set up for this “company” is always busy (sham). Do the RIGHT action GOELDERLY and REFUND ALL CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE REQUESTED REFUNDS NOW!

    1. We are not the owner of this company we just informing here..! for the further query, you need to go for precise detail by visiting the official website… thank you…

  28. Having the same issue as most of the above comments. Unfortunately, I also did not research the company before I ordered due to the pandemic and the urgent need for those items. I received one item but I’m still waiting for the second item (oximeter) to arrive from China! I’ve gone round and round with them on email, with them assuring me that the item is on it’s way and should be here within 10 business days; the item was ordered April 5, 2020 so many business days have passed and I have yet to receive said item! I’ve repeatedly requested a refund, but their response is that they are sending out another oximeter and then when my item does come in, I will have 2 oximeters! So far they’ve not commented on my getting a refund, and will not answer their phone. Please, do not do business with this company!!!

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