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Gofybr Reviews (July 2020) Is It Legit Or Another Scam?

Gofybr Reviews (July 2020) Is It Legit Or Another Scam? >> In this article, you will learn everything about a website that solely sells balloons.

Are you searching for nice decorative balloons for a special occasion? If yes, then you should read this detailed Gofybr Review.

Everyone loves balloons. Children love to play with it, not only in the United States but also in other countries.

Therefore, a website called Gofybr solely focuses on selling balloons online. However, Is Gofybr Legit

Many websites have tried to answer this question through their Gofybr Review. However, those reviews are too short. Therefore, we have done a comprehensive review that covers even the minor details of the Gofybr website.

What is the Gofybr website?

The Gofybr website is an online store that solely focuses on selling balloons. You can find balloons of different kinds on the website. 

Some of the balloons are shaped like numbers, while others have the shape of Mickey Mouse. Some balloons have decorative patterns, while others are plain.

These balloons have the ability to make any event cheerful. However, you can only purchase them if you have a PayPal account. 

Specifications of Gofybr:

  • Product: Balloons
  • Email: info@gofybr.website 
  • Payment Method: PayPal
  • Processing time: 1 business day
  • Shipping cost: Free
  • Shipping time: 7-10 business days
  • Refunds: Applicable
  • Returns: Applicable within 30 days of receipt 
  • Exchanges: Applicable
  • Contact Address: 2499 River Rd, Manchester, GA 31816 United States
  • Contact Number: 910-218-5058

Pros of buying from Gofybr:

  • You can purchase balloons of different types
  • The balloons would make the best decoration in any kind of event
  • The website sells balloons at reasonable prices
  • The website offers a 30-days return policy
  • The website does not charge additional shipping fees

Cons of buying from Gofybr:

  • The website has only one payment option, which is PayPal
  • It takes a time of more than a week to deliver the product
  • The description of the products is too short
  • There are no product reviews on the website
  • The website lacks a social media presence

Is Gofybr Legit?

The Gofybr website started its business on the 17th of June 2020. As a result, it did not complete even a few months on the internet. However, Is Gofybr Legit?

The website has all the necessary information and pages. However, if you visit the ‘About Us’ page on the website, you will notice that they do not mention anything about their specific products.

The website did not build its presence on any of the social media platforms. The only way to contact the owners is through their contact number or email address, which are inconvenient in this digital era.

If you search for the Gofybr reviews on the internet, you will notice that there is a hair-care brand that goes by the same name. It is highly unprofessional to use a name that is already used by another popular brand.

Some websites have done a short Gofybr Review. Most of those reviews are negative. Due to these reasons, we can conclude that Gofybr is not a legit website.

What are people saying about Gofybr?

Since the Gofybr website started just a month ago, there are only a handful of websites that have done a Gofybr Review. Moreover, there are almost negligible reviews from the customers.

The main reason for the lack of customer reviews is the absence of social media presence. There is no chance for customers to interact with the website. 

Moreover, we cannot expect any product reviews on the product pages of the website as the website started just recently. We need to wait for more time if we want to gather a large public opinion of the Gofybr website.

However, the present overall opinion, as seen in the few reviews, is negative.

Final verdict:

The Gofybr is unique as it solely focuses on selling balloons. It is possible that the website is trying to build its authority in a specific niche. However, the website failed to establish itself as legit. It also uses a cheap top-level domain, which gives an unprofessional impression.

Moreover, the website only has PayPal as an option to purchase the products. Such websites are usually seen as a scam immediately by the customers. 

The purpose of the scam websites is to scam people for money and also to collect customer’s information for identity theft. 

The Gofybr website has not made any effort to show itself as legit and authoritative. Therefore, we recommend you to stay away from the Gofybr website to keep your personal details safe.

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