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Granados Gabriel March Wiki {May} Imprisonment Details!

The article is about Granados Gabriel March Wiki. You can visit the whole place to learn about Gabriel.

Do you know Gabriel March Granados? Do you know about the person who got the longest prison? Gabriel March Granados was sentenced to the longest prison for attempting document theft. People from various countries, including the United States, are looking for the reason behind his imprisonment.

Granados was a postman from Spain and got 384,912 years in prison for stealing content and not delivering 42,784 mails. Now let’s know about Granados Gabriel March Wiki.

Why did Gabriel get the longest imprisonment?

Gabriel March was a Spain postman who worked as an urban interim postman in the post office ‘Mallorcan’ on 28 January 1968. He was 18 years old when he worked in the post office. He worked there for more than 2 years. He was fired from the job on 31 March 1970 when several faults were found in his work.

He could not deliver more than 40 thousand emails besides opening thirty-five thousand and deleting their contents. He was sentenced to 384,912 years in jail, later minimised to fourteen years and two months.

What Did Gabriel March Granados Do?

Gabriel, as discussed above, was the person who was served the longest prison time in history. As per Wiki, he didn’t deliver mails, 42,784, but opened 35 718 among them and stole content worth 50,000. After enquiring about the matter, he was accused of numerous fraud, theft, and not delivering content.

As a result, the prosecutor imposed a sentence of 384,912 years and a 19 million Euro fine on him. The judge neglected to give a longer sentence, so his period of imprisonment was shortened.

Granados Gabriel March Wiki, these days is appearing on social pages, and people were curious to know the crime that he got the longest sentence.

More about Gabriel March

Gabriel nowadays is trending on social media. He appears in facts as well as meme pages. People are making sarcastic remarks about the Spanish postman. He was jailed for the longest years for the thousands of frauds he practised during his job.

When he was found suspicious, the post office investigated the matter. They found multiple wrong practices he made within his period of more than two years. As per Granados Gabriel March Wiki, he was accused of document theft and not delivering the content. He was charged with several charges and had to pay a fine of nineteen million Euros. You can visit this link to know more about Gabriel Wiki.  


This post will tell you about the fault Gabriel committed. He was at a young age when he joined the post office. He practised several frauds and Crimes during the work period. The judge cut off the length of his jail sentence as it was too long. He was charged with document theft and failing to send the content. 

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