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Green tea cleansing mask stick review (June) Is Legit?

Green tea cleansing mask stick review (June) Is Legit? >> The write-up solely shares the features and benefits of a skin care product that can give you an oil-free glowing skin.

Are you in search of a skin care product that can keep your skin away from excess oil? It’s not only you; every woman Worldwide is looking for a product to heal the skin pores and blemishes.

Here is a Green tea cleansing mask that efficiently cleans the skin’s blemishes and skin pores. So, go through the Green tea cleansing mask stick review and know how effective it is for you.

What is a Green tea cleansing mask?

The Green tea cleansing mask is a new launch of the brand Meidian. The product is available in stick form, and hence it is easy to use. The basic ingredient of this cleansing mask is green team extract, and it helps deep cleaning the skin. 

Besides green tea extract, it is also made of eggplant extract possesses an excellent healing power to cure acne. The brand also ensures that the product is suitable for all skin types and effectively removes skin dullness. 

So, read the Green tea cleansing mask stick review to know more details about the usefulness of the skin care product. 

Specification of the cleansing mask stick

  • Brand: Meidian
  • The weight of the product is 40g
  • It is applicable for facial use only
  • The shelf life of the cleansing mask is 3 years.
  • Basic ingredients are Gree Tea extract and Eggplant extract. 
  • The product is useful to remove blemishes, acne, skin pores, and moisturizing. 
  • It comes in two colors- Purple and Green
  • It is applicable to all skin types
  • The mask size is 21×26 cm
  • The price is $6.99 as per Amazon

Pros of cleansing mask stick

  • The Green tea cleansing mask stick review reveals that the mask stick is effective in removing acne, blemishes and skin pores.
  • It is available in stick form; hence it is easy to use. 
  • The product is available in various authentic e-commerce portals like Amazon, Alibaba etc.
  • It keeps the skin well-nourished and helps in removing wrinkles. 
  • The product has a social media presence on Facebook. 

Cons of cleansing mask stick

  • The brand Meidian has a very poor trust score of just 1%
  • This is a newly launched brand

How to use the product?

Before you buy the product, it is necessary to know the process to use it as per the Green tea cleansing mask stick review

  • At first, spin out the stick and apply it to your skin
  • You need to apply the mask evenly on the face and leave it for 10 minutes
  • Once it gets dried, rinse it properly. 

Do you think the Green tea cleansing mask stick legit?

Buyers always need to know the legitimacy of a product before they opt to buy it. Let’s know whether the Green tea cleansing mask stick is legit or not. 

  • The brand Meidian has launched on 30-03-2021
  • The brand is just 3 months old.
  • The trust score is only 1%,
  • The brand has its Facebook page, and you can check the Green tea cleansing mask stick review on Facebook. However, to date, the page has got only 4 likes and only 4 followers.
  • The product is available on other recognized online sites like Alibaba and Amazon.
  • We searched for reviews of the product, but most of the feedback are unsatisfactory. 
  • Buyers will be redirected to the link Shopify once they try to enter the website of Meidian.

Hence those above details do not fulfill the criteria of a legit site and product. Hence we find it tough to verdict on the lawfulness of the product. 

Know Green tea cleansing mask stick review

Feedback of previous buyers are essential to judge the efficacy of a product. For this cleansing mask, we find the availability of the product on recognized e-commerce sites, but unfortunately, most of the buyers are unsatisfied with it. 

Some buyers have directly stated that it is the worst one and also warn others not to buy it. Many have mentioned that the product is poorly made and not impressive at all. 

Again we searched for Facebook reviews, but we don’t find any reviews on the social media link. Hence we suggest buyers check the legitimacy of the product before buying. 

Final Verdict

No doubt, the brand has made a good effort by launching the cleansing mask. But due to the non-availability of genuine Green tea cleansing mask stick reviewwe always suggest buyers do more research before buying it. You can check the reviews of Green tea cleansing mask stick and then decide whether to buy it or not. 

Have you already used it? Comment below.

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