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Haysinformed Com COVID 19 (Jan 2021) Know the Facts

Haysinformed Com COVID 19 (Jan 2021) Know the Facts >>This news article tells us about an official COVID-19 testing and vaccine website at Hays County.

Are you a resident of Hays County, in the Texas state of the United States?

If yes, you must be aware that Hays County is offering COVID-19 testing facilities and vaccine for its residents in its various centers.And the best part is that these tests and vaccines are free. Even those individuals who do not have health insurance can take the Covid-19 tests and get the vaccine for free.

What a great initiative by the government!

This initiative aims at preventing and controlling the surge of the Covid-19 pandemic in the Texas region. The Covid-testing drive is called Haysinformed com COVID 19. Let us explore more about Hays County’s Covid 19 prevention initiative.

What is Haysinformed com?

Haysinformedcomor https://www.haysinformed.com/covid-19 is the official website that provides information on the COVID-19 prevention drive by Hays County.

This free COVID-19 testing is available across various locations in Texas. One can register for free COVID-19 testing at https://www.covidtest.tdem.texas.gov/ or call at 512 883 2400.The health officials periodically update the website page with new information regarding the Covid-19 testing. 

Specifications of Haysinformed com COVID 19 vaccine:

Hays County is administering the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to the County residents who are 18 years and older. It is also giving the Pfizer BionNtech COVID-19 vaccine to individuals 16 years and older.

However, the vaccine appointment for Hays County residents is currently full.The next vaccine appointment will be available from noon, Friday, Jan 29, 2021.One can book the appointment for the same by visiting their official website and clicking on the sign-up link. The link will also be available on the Hays County official Facebook page. 

However, if you don’t have access to a smartphone or internet, you can call their phone reservation service of Haysinformed com COVID 19.

You can book the appointment by calling at 512 938 1650. Remember that the phone service is not available before the above-mentioned timelines.The County also offers a text alert option to each resident.Through this option, you can sign up for alerts by texting COVID at 844 928 3213. 

However, it is essential to note that this number will not put your name on the COVID-19 testing or vaccine registration list. The number can only receive alerts and updates related to COVID-19.

Customer reviews on Haysinformed com COVID 19:

The residents of Hays County are pleased. The official Facebook page and the website brim with positive comments and likes by the residents who have taken the vaccine or COVID-19 testing. 

Final verdict:

Hays County’s Covid 19 prevention drive is an excellent initiative by Hays County to fulfill its residents’ Covid-19 testing and vaccine requirements. Do you have any experience of using this site or getting the testing/vaccine at Hays County? It would be a pleasure if you can add to our article on Haysinformed com COVID 19

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