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Hearde Wordle {April 2022} Know Puzzle Gameplay Details!

This news is a complete insight into the vocabulary that has improved the lies of different users with the help of Hearde Wordle.

Do you want to know the most difficult words used in the puzzle of Wordle? Do you know the answer to today’s riddle? If not, then read below for more information. Users Worldwide have crossed the level medium in World application on an average basis. 

However, while the users have witnessed changes in the 5 and 6 letter words, the solution to the puzzle gets difficult. Even though there are hints given for each step, users are still facing issues with the meaning of words.

Read below for more specifications and a list of difficult words used in Hearde Wordle.

The List Of Difficult Words

Wordle, after recent updates, has introduced a more challenging level for users to solve for 5 letter words up to 13 letter words. However, for introducing new words in unlimited applications, some of the letters have exceeded 30 alphabets. Some of the words are given below:-

  • In the category of 5 letter words- Rural, Sixth
  • In the category of 10 letter words- The phenomenon
  • In the category of 12 letter words- Onomatopoeia
  • In the category of 14 letter words- Sesquipedalian, Worcestershire
  • In the category of 20+ letter words- Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

As a result, the new trend in the Heard Game of difficult words has attracted many users to continuously compete with the other players.

Hearde Game: How to solve Wordle Puzzles

The puzzle has specific rules and regulations that make it easy to solve. The user must keep the tips in mind before solving the puzzle to make it easier and quicker. Follow the steps given below:-

  • The user must visit website of the game 
  • Click to the right side pop up to select the puzzle’s version and letter limit.
  • After the selection, the user must click on the hint in the first attempt
  • Within 6 limited attempts, this course of the puzzle gets closed.
  • In Hearde Game, the player must avoid using the red letters and replace the yellow in the correct sequence to make them green

Answer for today’s Wordle

The Wordle 289th had a tricky hint for today. It says it contains only one vowel, starts with a ubiquitous letter, and ends with a standard letter. Many users could not identify the correct answers and stated that they lost. The official website below has listed the correct answer for the 4th of April puzzle. The answer is SHAWL.

Trending News for Hearde Wordle

Wordle has given its best to the users without opting for any in our purchase and amount for a subscription. With the fundamental combination of providing accessible and unique letter words, more than 20 million users have started playing with the puzzles daily.


In conclusion, this news is all about the difficulty level that has been increased in the upcoming riddles of April 2022. The users that have passed the easy level have been allotted different rewards and price categories based on the scores.

Have you heard about the New York Times’ new list for Hearde Wordle? Comment your answer to today’s riddle!

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